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Post by A Leaf in the Wind on Oct 7, 2018 3:20:13 GMT -7

I started to watch Dragonball Z for the first time in the form of Dragonball Z Kai. It's honestly a fun ride even though the series is pretty freakin' stupid. That doesn't quite matter much though since you're too preoccupied with enjoying the ride that you neglect the stupidity of it. However, I suddenly find myself wanting to a very good Dragonball game and I just realized that there is one for both Steam and the Nintendo Switch. I am contemplating getting the game for the Switch naturally.

Has anyone played this game and if so, are there any spoilers from any of the other series such as Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball Super? My knowledge is very limited to just Dragonball Z Kai.

Looking a review of the game on YouTube reveals to me that it's a fighting game which seems utterly perfect for the genre that is this franchise. Though they said there is a new character, Android 21, so I must ask if she is new to the franchise or if she was in another series.

Is this game worth the full retail price?
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Post by GamingLyfe on Oct 9, 2018 8:20:32 GMT -7

These street-fighter style games seem to stick around for a long time if they're well made they usually end up in a tournament somewhere with players who have devoted their lives to perfecting their moves in combat. I haven't played this Dragonball FighterZ game, however, I've played similar games in the past and they're usually exciting either online or with a friend. I've moved away from this style of game, although I won't miss a chance to 1v1 in the arcade or at friends if they've offered. :P
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