My Lovely Experience with HDR10 on a Samsung TV

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Post by Andrew on Sept 19, 2018 7:04:35 GMT -7

A long story sort-of short that may help any fellow Samsung TV users. (Note: This fix works for Xbox One and PS4)

After getting my Xbox One X earlier this month, I got it all hooked up and have been enjoying all the perks this current-gen has to offer for games and general features (4k, HDR, performance, etc.)... or so I thought. I was going through my TV settings for some reason within the '4k tv details' section and noticed that it said my tv was not supported for HDR10 under 'watching movies & tv' and 'playing games' categories. I scratched my head and was not super happy about it because this is only a year-old tv that definitely supports 4k and HDR (manual said so, online said so).

So, i verified I had 'Allow HDR' and 'Allow 4K' set properly and confirmed my TV 4k/HDR menu had HDR+ enabled (which overrides 1080 or other display settings). Further to the point of frustration I did some Googling about HDR, HDR+, and HDR10, and by coincidence find this Samsung article that led me to a bit more clarified Google searching that finally confirmed my answer visually with this Twitter post.

The short answer is that the HDR+ setting I turned on on my TV was for the TV in general (ok, I sort-of get it). What Samsung failed to visually clarify in their TV settings menu was that there is a whole different HDR sub-sub-sub menu within 'General' and not 'Picture' that is where you can toggle per-HDMI-port UHD HDR. As soon as I did this, rebooted my TV and Xbox (to be safe), and then checked the menu, all the checkboxes were green. Now I have HDR10 and can enjoy HDR for sure. It sure is sweet.

I hope this helps. Sorry for the not-really-a-short-story story.
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