Generation Zero

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Post by DanthEx on Sept 17, 2018 8:59:06 GMT -7

Generation Zero is a beautiful upcoming co-op First Person Shooter set in an alternate reality of the 80's. The story begins when four friends feeling adventurous decide to check out a Swedish archipelago, they find trouble on the water and before they know it they're all stranded on an island inhabited by a variety of robots who aren't exactly too fond of their newly found company. Luckily, you'll find weapons such as pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and even rocket launchers to help keep your new friends at bay. If you're able to take down a robot you'll want to scavenge the remains for parts to help you along the journey. Your team of 4 will explore the island's villages and forests in search of supplies such as ammo, health-related items, flares, etc. Gameplay will involve the survival of the fittest in an open-world with up to 3 other friends, or solo, using your best tactics to battle hostile machines while making your way around the map and attempting to discover what's causing the chaos. You can expect a dynamic weather system, unbelievable graphics from the Apex engine and very intelligent opponents. Generation Zero also offers something else unique worth mentioning, once you inflict damage to an enemy component such as their weapons, armor, etc. this damage is permanent and will be recognized the next time you're in combat with them. All-in-all, Generation Zero looks like an amazing co-op survival FPS and we'd recommend it without a doubt.

Generation Zero - Gameplay Trailer - By: Generation Zero