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How to find a ROTS team, how to get a kill

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Post by alice on Jul 31, 2018 12:28:20 GMT -7

Nobody in this clan seems to ROTS, and it makes it harder for me to find teams than it should be, so I'm gonna take it upon myself to teach you guys how to find a team so we can start doing clan ROTS after everyone learns their head from their ass.

Let me preface this with: I AM SHIT AT ROTS. I barely know what I'm doing, still learning, but I know enough to tell you what you need to know to start learning.

To start off, there is a real level/gear barrier to entry, nobody will take you if you don't meet at least minimum requirements.

So for gear, all styles are viable to a degree, but if you have to read this to know what to do your only viable option is ranged.


Armor: Augmented t80/88/90 > t88/90 > superior elite void

Weapons: Mechanized chinchompas are mandatory, but you will also need the best dw ranged weapons you can afford, glaives and up only.

Neck slot: Reaper neck strongly preferred (+3% dps), but some teams may be willing to take you with souls (I learned with souls so it's not impossible)

Pocket slot: Cruelty or sign of life

Ring slot: Asylum Surgeon's Ring > Ring of Death > whatever (not hugely important slot but still wear your best)

Cape: Just wear your best

Gloves: Nightmare are most preferred here, snipe hits hard and you will need to do a lot of moving, but other gloves can be permitted

Ammo: (only if using crossbows in addition to chinchompas) Ruby bakriminel bolts preferred

Aura: Extended reckless > Sharpshooter (One of these two is mandatory: you do not rots without an aura)

Useful perks: Undead slayer is a flat 7% increase to damage, cannot exaggerate how useful it is, Mobile (either combod with a perk on your armor or on a weapon switch) is also very very very useful. Other than that, just get the best perks you can with your level / cash stack. Perks are useful but are definitely the deciding factor in your ability to get a kill

Items: Nihil mandatory (never anything else), Overloads mandatory (supreme overload preferred strongly), enhanced excalibur for heals (has mobile perk for me), replenishment or adrenaline potions mandatory

Abilities you want unlocked: Onslaught for finishing kills, corruption shot and tendril for dps, bladed dive for an extra surge in tunnels

You'll also want the soul link, soul split, and turmoil prayers unlocked. Soul link may not be mandatory on all teams, but ss and turmoil are.

For the mechanics, Junesong has a good (but not comprehensive) video:

The basics are:

Avoid Karil's bombs over everything. These will kill you fast. Over and over again.
Avoid Karil's lightning, this will kill you very easily if combo'd with a melee brother's spin ability.
Avoid spinning brothers.
Always kill torag first, he is most dangerous, if torag is not on your side then karil > dharok > guthan > verac > ahrim
Be aware of Dharok's "give me everything" move, and make sure your tank has devotion if you're going to attack him.

Other than that, pay attention to the video.

Kills start with one basic attack from crossbows, switch to chins, replenishment/adrenaline potion, snipe needle corr frag tendrils, then just dps to hell and don't die.

After you get the hang of it, you're expected to get *about* 6 kills before everyone banks, but sometimes you just get bent over and fucked, that's ok as long as it isn't the norm.

The gold standard is about 24 kills per hour, but I rarely reach that myself at about 500kc. My very good hours are 20+/hr, and my bad ones can be half that. This is much more dependent on the team as a cohesive, skilled unit than it is about any one person's skill. Good players will still carry the **** out of you, but you need to actually perform if you want good consistent kills for the team.

I usually average about 11-12m/hr, but I have had a 20 mil hour before, and I've made 40m in a day from rots in the past.

Some closing notes, obviously full manual is preferred. If you can dps well, these kills are going to go a lot easier. I use revo myself and I do fine, but I am definitely learning manual because it is very worth switching. More ability bars is useful, but only if you can make use of them. I have 3 bars that have every key bound to something useful, you can get away with two easily.

Here's a picture of my rots preset

After absorbing all of that, you're ready to go find some poor souls in the 'teachingrots' fc to learn you a thing or two about killing these fucks.

Once enough of us get good and we have people who can tank and dps reliably we can start going as a clan. That'll be nice, the fc can harbor some level of toxicity so be prepared for flaming and criticism. Take it gracefully. It's how you learn and get good players to take you.

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Post by alice on Jul 31, 2018 14:13:38 GMT -7

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A very nice guide, however I noticed in the video, he says karil is the most dangerous, not torag. Is that a personal preference or something else?

Karil will do the most damage to you, but Torag can stunlock you infinitely and turn you into a punching bag. If you're alone on a side, and torag stuns you, you're going to die unless someone can hop over to your side once karil uses the bombs. Kill order is mostly situational, but it's safer to make sure torag is dead first.
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Post by megannatasha on Aug 1, 2018 8:22:10 GMT -7

Great guide! It's well wrote and I bet it will be put to good use. I've been hearing a lot about bossing from M3RCILESS lately. Hopefully everyone is able to get together and start an active bossing/raid team, I know there's enough people interested if you were to grab their attention.  :)  I've seen threads gathering some member info and ideas. Good luck to everyone participating! 
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