What gets you raging on multiplayer?

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Post by antonline on Jul 24, 2018 20:15:59 GMT -7

Rotten teammates? That's usually the case! Here are my 3 pet peeves to multiplayer gaming 

  • When you're playing zombies on CoD and someone intentionally refuses to revive you :/
  • People that play loud ass music in lobbies
  • Hackers that ruin the game for all of us (RIP MW2)

What are some of the things that really get you heated online? 

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Post by haze on Nov 22, 2018 11:13:13 GMT -7

Usually a combination of lag (which I guess results in those times where I'm VERY sure I've fired a hail of bullets into someone but they get the kill!) and terrible/trolling team mates. Far too many examples where I've had teammates intentionally just stroll in front of me to ruin what I'm doing or just generally be a pain in the neck. One of those things with online gaming though I suppose. :)
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Post by ash on Nov 28, 2018 10:34:28 GMT -7

I play games on the PlayStation 4 so I don't really have to worry about hackers which is great. The only thing that gets me raging when I am playing multiplayer games (usually all the time since I very rarely play offline), is when I lose because the system ruins my chance to win. This happens quite a lot with FIFA because the game likes to reward players that aren't as good by giving them chances to win and by limiting your players. It's actually the biggest factor that led me to hate the game and return FIFA 19 to get my money back.

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Post by Nergal on Nov 28, 2018 17:55:00 GMT -7

Lag is probably the worst.
Trolls that you're stuck with are a close second. (If a game punishes you for AFK/quitting and you have one or more trolls that you know will lose you the game but also won't let the game end.)
I play few games with built-in voice-communications where you get assaulted by feedback from somebody's awful mic, I think static is the worst but screeching children is really bad too and music depends, sometimes it's a jam.

In a more competitive environment cheaters and bug abusers are frustrating but anti-cheat systems have come a long way since I started online gaming. I tend to be more interested in how they did it than the single instance of a ruined game, different applications of a bug will sometimes lead to something that gets used as a game feature in future patches of the game.

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Post by ash on Jan 21, 2019 11:42:26 GMT -7

Oh man, I forgot about the screeching kids and annoying adults. It's crazy that people can be this annoying whilst playing games really. Thankfully games are starting to add mute buttons because it's unbearable sometimes. The people that have static sounds or breathing sounds coming from their microphones are probably the most annoying out of them all.

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