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Dying Light 2 is the sequel to Dying Light which was released January.27th 2015, a best selling open-world based game. We don't know exactly when Dying Light 2 will hit the shelves but what we do know is Techland, the developer and publisher of Dying Light, have said they plan to finish up sometime in 2019. It will be released for Microsoft Windows(PC), PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. In this single-player survival RPG you'll be given a variety of options as the story progresses, you're expected to make the best choice for you and the community, however, as we know, each action has a reaction, these decisions can impact the game for long periods of time and you'll be faced with challenges that'll be sure to sharpen your decision making skills in no time. Each players experience will be completely unique. If you've played the original Dying Light, you definitely remember those savage zombies.. well, they're back, but this time you'll only see them out when the sun isn't. Careful. You're going to need to sharpen up those parkour skills, again. To wrap things up, Dying Light 2 looks like an amazing choice-based game that is held 15 years after Dying Light's war with the infected. It's developers have mentioned they may have a surprise in store for those who enjoy multiplayer, and if space was a problem for you in Dying Light, you can expect up to four times the size of gameplay area in Dying Light 2. If you enjoy open-world based games that allow you to parkour around the entire map, you'll love your new home in this strangely beautiful, yet creepy, city.

Dying Light 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay World Premiere - By: Dying Light

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I never played the first Dying Light. I think that my friend did play it though because I know he is looking forward to this one quite a bit. He's been sharing some of the videos on Twitter. It's not exactly a game for me though, I think I mentioned this in another post but first person and singleplayer games just give me headaches for some reason. It's one of the reasons why I haven't been able to finish Far Cry 5. The game does look great though and I'm sure it will do well when it eventually comes out.

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I quite recently played the first title. I found it to be okay but I didn't like it as much as other people seemed to like the first title. I think it took me a while to learn not to fight every zombie, the idea is to mainly run away from them until you get better weaponry (guns) to start fighting people and the different zombies. I grew into the game I think and ended up enjoying it in the second half but I found the first half a bit annoying. I will play the second title, from what I have seen so far it seems to build on the first title very well and tinkered some of the things that needed a better solution. It's the sort of game I will buy in a sale though, not full price for me.
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