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RuneScape Guides - A MegaThread


Post by Ben the tick on Jun 18, 2018 21:59:34 GMT -7

Quick notes for the thread, this is a compendium and would like to be a be-all, end-all list, however for that we need you, suggest guides, update your own to add more information.
Discussions about the contents of the threads should ideally limited to their respective threads.
Suggestions are always welcome, however try to give more than a link. If a YouTube channel is good for quest guides, tell us this.

P2P - Daily Shop Runs -
F2P Daily Shop Runs -
How to use the Grand Exchange -
Money Making for the Common RS Player -
Killing Cursed Energy Bots in F2P -
[Guide] How to Not be a Casual and Play for Free [IP] -
[Guide] Doing dailies to turn a profit. -

XP/GP Hybrids
F2P Daily Shop Runs -
You're killing it wrong... - Abyssal demons at most levels -
Free GP & XP - what you should be doing to max -

Safecracking: It's 700k xp/h, if you actually do it right -
[Guide] Maximizing your daily XP gains quickly [In Progress] -
Maple Logs - A most Useful Item -
Free Divination xp! Guthix Cache Guide [Zarosian Guides] -
Why'd you have to go and make Invention so complicated? -

Introduction to God Wars 2 - Twin Furies -
Vindicta guide for new PVM'ers -
How to Train your Queen Black Dragon! -
Fight Klin and the TokHaar-Kal cape -
Araxxor Beginner guide -
Beastmaster Durzag - Get going (GUIDE) -
Nex guide -

The Importance of Skill Capes -
Alt1 toolkit, a program that does everything [safe] -
Vic the trader - what is worth buying? -
Cheap Level 70 Weapons (Moderately High Skill Requirements) -
How to Not be a Casual and Do Your Clue's [Progress] -
Useful reddit links - , OP is a deleted reddit user

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Post by Ben the tick on Jun 19, 2018 10:36:05 GMT -7

thanks Nergal, my thinking was I wanted people to be able to find all our decent guides quickly without bumping them to the front page every few days, leaving more space for discussion threads without compromising the visibility of the guides
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