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Alt1 toolkit, a program that does everything [safe]


Post by Ben the tick on Jun 11, 2018 2:24:04 GMT -7


First note, yes it is an external program, no it cannot get you banned there have been mod posts covering the topic. That being said and I would recommend it, JUST INCASE, I would still make sure you password was strong and have an authenticator.

A timer, it times things. What do you want? A cookie?

RS Wiki
A deployable Window that allows you to search the wiki without tabbing out from RS, useful for quickly looking things up

XP meter
Want the xp meter, but don't want to pay for runemetrics? Well this addon will come in useful, with a range of adjustable options, such as length of time, and specific skills to track xp in. Also coming with an simple alerter that tells you when you're not earning xp for a period of time, this handy gizmo will stop all that pesky xp waste.

Want Youtube? Don't want to tab out, this addon will let you do just that! Completely resizable, you can listen to music or watch videos without compromising your xp gains to the awfulness of tabbing out!

AFK Warden
Need a more complex addon to manage your play, this handy doo-dad is an array of alerters that can be combined to track any number of things including potion timers, rate of xp gain(think agility posts), birds nest drops, loot beams, cannon, your player's stance, hp/prayer/summoning points and many many more, with the ability to customise and create your own specific timers
It has a bunch of presets that can be used when you just want to have a basic setup, such as for afking at crystal harps

However when you're looking to set up something a bit more complex, you can set up your own timers which can do anything from telling you about xp drops to reading your chat log for certain words or colours.
Meg answers
Meg answers is exactly what you think, the best answers to meg given your options, click the highlighted options after pressing the answer meg button and await your result. Turns a 2-3 min weekly D&D into a 2-3 second D&D.

Colour picker
Want a colour from the screen for your cape? There's an app for that, simple as.

Drop Logger

Clue Solver
This is likely what you download Alt1 for, this nifty bugger looks at your puzzle clue and tells you the moves required to solve it, it wont actually solve it for you, but it comes damn close. If you click the wrong button or lose pace with the addon, you can simply press solve again and the addon will recalculate from your current position and tell you how to get back on track. Definitely a must for an avid clue solver!

Do you have a habit of forgetting which keys belong to a door, this minimap will take the existing dung map, put it on the app so there's 0 loss using this over the real map and allow you to annotate it with locations of keys, gatestones and other things of note such as resource nodes. If you do a lot of large dung floors or are forgetful, this could well be your salvation.

Farming Timer
using the in game clock that ticks for farming are based on, you can program this addon to let you know exactly when your seeds will mature. Needs little explanation.

A notepad, to write things, need me to spell it out for you?

D&D Notifications
Get sidetracked with other stuff and don't want to miss going to caches for the 3rd time today? this addon can ding you or just be used to check when things are happening

Fish Flingers
This addon tells you what combinations to try in fish flingers in order to get you the 100% fish for a given area in the shortest times possible. This leads to better xp/h and a faster set of the fisherman's outfit. GG.

Look up anyone, anywhere, probably even with privacy mode on, nice.

World Map
An annotated map window of runescape with all markers for teleports to locations in an overlay on top of it, so you can look around the world map with running around it, convenient.

This is just an example of what your UI could look like, with their art themed like runescape's own, with good positioning, you could actually believe some of these apps were part of the game.

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Post by Ben the tick on Jun 11, 2018 22:39:45 GMT -7

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Great info, thanks Ben. I was unaware of some of the functionalities.

I'm having the damnedest time getting the xp tracker to work properly. Any tips?
The xp tracker requires you to have the RS tracker turned on with precise values.
If you go into it's settings, you should get something resembling this:

and having one of these on screen:

which can be found here:

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