Name a game you love or have loved in the past


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Those hidden gems that you think no one else will have heard of, I'm going to start the thread off with two.

Theme hospital
Build up a hospital like you'd build up a zoo in zoo tycoon, and have new and interesting patients come into your hospital with wacky and absurd diseases and watch your doctors cure them in absurd ways.

The first ever 3D RTS was a hidden gem for me, create and manage an army over the course of a campaign that had persistent units (you lose your army, you go into the next mission with no army) and extremely limited resources so you had to always be sure of what you wanted to build, repair, research and upgrade. With shits like savlage carriers which could be used to steal enemy power units, there was a lot of tactical depth to this game, especially considering you had to drag these units back to your mothership to exterminate their crew, so you had to keep them alive until the reached you, bit more hardcore than a wololo
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Post by xxinfectedxx on Jun 13, 2018 11:23:46 GMT -7, why? For those who don't know what is, it's a game where it combines snakes, and food. The goal of the game is biggest, largest and scariest reptile the pray. It's a great time killer too and there are various challenges that you will face playing Slither which is the best part. Choosing your own skin adds that extra special touch to the game so you can make your reptile creature stand out from the others. Love this game and forever will. Available online, app store, and android. Here is a screenshot of the game!

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This is a tough thread to answer (like the favorite food one ;) ). Over the course of each console generation I have had so many favorites, but I'll spare the historical version and just say my go-to seems to be the Just Cause series right now. I'm like 40% through JC3 (having just gotten an XB1 a month or so ago). Who knows, it'll be a new game(s) weeks or months from now.

EDIT. I realize I failed to note this was in the PC category. The above stands true, but my PC fav was the entire Police Quest SWAT series by the defunct Sierra Entertainment.
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