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Tanarus I miss thee Posted Jun 9, 2018 19:14:22 GMT -7 via mobile

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I used to play this game a lot. And then Sony got rid of it... then they refused to allow others to license it/run it themselves.

Great game.
I’m too lazy to post pictures...

This video shows a couple of different game modes and tanks.

The one with the rockets and flipping...was called force wars. You were forced to used a lighting tank,no shields, and only force misses. Force missles deal no damage and only knock you back. However if you are on a ramp...you go flying. Was fun.

They also had invisible tanks...tanks that only went left/right....tanks that were...TANKS....and then the one shown most in the video is the vanguard which is a standard tank used for team fights.

Basically you would join a server of 20 people (4 teams 5 people each) and just try to kill each other for scoring. When you killed people your score went up and eventually built a bounty. The total amount of points you got would reflect your rank. It was always fun to kill people who had like 100k, 200k,300k bounties cause that basically meant they were on a large kill streak without dying Ike 20+ kills...

Each team also had a base with a flag in it that you could try to steal. The base was defended by drones and satellites that would attack you. You could destroy them this walk in the base if you killed their team.

A lot of people would use rockets and just fly in....

Ooo land mines were fun too! Place them on top of ramps and people just blow up.
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