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Safecracking: It's 700k xp/h, if you actually do it right


Post by Ben the tick on Jun 8, 2018 14:09:33 GMT -7

Safecracking, an art
bare minimum, you need 3 things:
looting bag
62 thieving

To crack safe's you first need to do the miniquest chain in the thieves guild in Lumbridge (see Buyers and Cellars quest if you've never been)

Teleport runes to anywhere imaginable + looting bag and stethoscope to actually safecrack

How to crack a safe

These are safes:

A safe has 3-5 tumblers in them, in order to open the safe, you must pop all 5 of these.

This is you, cracking a safe

on a  level 62 safe you get: 5xp per half-tick, 405xp per tumbler, 1600xp per safe, culminating to ~3000xp per safe

The objective of safecracking efficiently, is to open a safe as fast as possible, to get to the next one, opening as many as possible in 5 minutes intervals (safes reset after 5 minutes)

When this effect in the video above happens, click your mouse as soon as possible, it will pop one of the 3/4/5 tumblers immediately

Safecracking without clicking / Safecracking with clicking

Here we can see the differences between playing idly vs actively, as we can see you almost double your time per safe, almost halving your xp her hour to play idly

Level 62
The safes you will be picking are on this map, specifically:
Varrock (requires a lockpick) > Edgeville > Lumbridge 1 & 2
To do this run: Varrock teleport > Edgeville lodestone > Lumbridge lodestone > Lumbridge teleport
XP/H 300k

Level 76
The safes you will be picking are on this map, specifically:
Falador park > 2x in the fountain area > mining guild > 2x port sarim
To do this run: Falador teleport > port sarim lodestone

With Skull of remembrance: Falador park > 2x in the fountain area > mining guild > 2x black knights fortress
To do this run: Falador teleport > skull of rememberance
~450k XP/H

Level 83
The safes you will be picking are on this map, specifically:
Set house teleport to Yanille
Camelot > Ardougne north > Ardougne west > Yanille wall > Yanille pub
To do this run: Camelot teleport > Ardougne teleport > Ardougne teleport > House teleport
~500k XP/H

Level 90+
The safes you will be picking are on this map, specifically:
3 safes, not worth traveling to others unless you have wilderness sword 4 for controlling obelisk teleports
Without Wild 4: Rogues castle
500k XP/H
also really afk which is why we recommend this over the level 83 run

With Wild 4: Rogues castle > camelot teleport > house teleport
(rogues castle give 2.5x the xp of the other two, so once the 5 mins is up, skip back to rogues castle)
700k XP/H

All safecracking stuff is untradeable, so long as you get back to your body inside of your death timer, you can just pick everything back up

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Post by lanbo on Jan 2, 2019 8:21:13 GMT -7

I still haven't tried this!! Safecracking came out right when I finished grinding for the thieving levels to finish Rocking Out (latest Pirate quest - good, hearrrty story line). I was so tired of thieving by that point. Bad timing on my end lol. It was a couple mil XP in a span of a few days on those Pollnivneach thugs.
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Post by Cheeserules8 on Feb 20, 2019 15:49:32 GMT -7

Great info Ben,

I just started doing it to try it out and I highly recommend it.
Here's a few tips I would add do all 4 of the capers in the thieving guild before starting safecracking.
When starting out always exchange extra items for pilfer points and use them to upgrade your loot bag.
Only fence your loot bag when it is at 100% or as close to it as possible.
If you are lower level and starting out in lumby, I found starting at the castle, edgeville, draynor manor, draynor village, wizards tower, lumby, lumby was great. The small bag filled in 1 or 2 trips so you end by the theiving guild and can empty your bag right away. (ONLY START IN VERROCK IF YOU HAVE 65 THIEVING YOU NEED 65 THIEVING TO PICK THE LOCK ON THE TREASURE ROOM DOOR. ALL OTHER CHESTS IN THE 1ST CIRCUIT ARE 62 THIEVING)
Also Black Ibis outfit does give xp on top of safecracking so if you have it wear it.
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