Were arcades a waste of change? Movie Spoiler: Wayne's World

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Arcades were definitely not a waste of money. I spent a lot of money on video games but never saw it as a waste. It was one of my favourite past times. I would always wake up and go downstairs(I lived in an apartment then) to the cabana, where the games were, and just spend my day playing games with my friends.
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Arcades were massive prior to home consoles, they're obviously not as big as they once were. Although, they definitely still serve a purpose all of these years later. I love the latest and greatest graphics and consoles, however, I'm still just as excited to hit up a gaming arcade whenever the opportunity arises. :)
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Time Crysis 3. A me and my buddy would skip out on class sometimes and go to the old sportsworld arcade (before it got ripped out) we spend hours dumping quarters into this game. Got really butthurt the first time that we beat it because I went to put the gun back in the cradle and accidentally hit the skip cutscene button. Never got to see the ending, until I went to a dave and busters arcade many years later and found one. Played that summabitch thru in one go. Also used to crush House of the Dead. What a money eater that one is. Still haven't beat the first one.