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You're killing it wrong... - Abyssal demons at most levels


Post by Ben the tick on May 27, 2018 15:43:03 GMT -7

Requirements of abyssal demons minimum

70+ in your chosen combat style, melee and mage are recommended
70 Defence
85 Slayer
Assumptions are based on not being on task

Mandatory Items

Ectoplasmator + prayer restore necklace (Demonhorn > Split Dragontooth > Twisted Bird Skull)
Penance aura + infernal urns

Halberd/lance/scythe, weaponry with a 2 tile attack radius heavily advised for melee

The Loot

3.5-5m/h after costs from potions/repairs/runes/paper/springs

Where am I killing them?

The slayer tower roof past the Agility shortcut (71) preferably, or the top floor if not, the wilderness next to the Chaos Altar is also an option however comes with inherent risks

Inventory with Overloads/without Overloads mage/without Overloads melee

Spring Cleaner: Disassemble all rune gear for profit
Alching runes: Your spring cleaner doesn't catch everything, and the Adamant stuff + Rare drop table dragon items and the Abyssal whip are all alch price, better than not picking them up
Magic Note paper: For everything that uncommonly drops in multiples that is worth keeping, think rune bars
Gem Bag: Rare drop table + abyssal demons have their own gem drops
Spirit gem bag: slayer creatures have a high chance of dropping spirit gems, keeps the floor clear
DPS potions: Increases your kills per hour
Aggression potions: pulls more demons in to cleave with your abilities
Attuned Ectoplasmator: scatters all your ashes and when combines with your dragontooth necklace, gives you 100 prayer points per kill
Slayer Contract: an extra 200k~ every 200 kills, should offset costs and add to profits (slayer tower/wilderness)
Skull of Vecna(Mage Setup): Essentially a Super Magic Potion with unlimited uses
Beast of Burden: The biggest you have, prolongs your trips through more bag space

We use all of this to keep the floor clear so we can use loot all and increase AFK efficiency, the only actions necessary when following this build are looting your items, which can be reduced with a legendary pet


DPS auras > Vamprism > Penance
Unless using penance for prayer instead of ectoplasmator + prayer restore necklace

Necklaces (for players using penance aura)

Amulet of souls (or) > Amulet of souls > Reaper necklace (or) > Reaper necklace > Amulet of fury (t) > Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory


Completionist cape > Max cape > Kiln cape > Obsidian cape

Prayers Mage

Soulsplit not mandatory however increases survivability, scrimshaw of vampirism + vamp aura could possibly sustain, protect item and the highest DPS prayer for your combat style

Mage Level 70/80/90/99

Weaponry: Nox staff> Limitless Air> Armadyl Battlestaff > Staff of Light > Ahrim's staff
Armour: Tectonic > Virtus > Subjugation
Gloves: Celestial Handwraps > Deathtouch bracelet > Cinderbane > Armour gloves
Boots: Hailfire > Armour Boots

Prayers Melee

Soulsplit not mandatory however increases survivability, scrimshaw of vampirism + vamp aura could possibly sustain, protect item and the highest DPS prayer for your combat style

Melee Level 70/80/90/99

Weaponry: Scythe > Lance > Attuned Crystal Halberd > Crystal Halberd
Armour: Malevolent > Torva > Bandos
Gloves: Razorback > Deathtouch bracelet > Cinderbane > Armour gloves
Boots: Emberkeen > Armour Boots

We use Luck of the Dwarves regardless of being optimal due to slayer creatures hitting the rare drop table more often, the higher level the better, this increases our profit per hour more than any other piece of dps gear.
Hazelmere's signet ring > Luck of the Dwarves > Ring of fortune > Ring of wealth > DPS ring
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Post by Lanbo on May 27, 2018 18:43:50 GMT -7

Nicely done!! I like how you went through and put the recommended equipment on the gear interface! That's more work than taking individual screenshots, so I admire that effort! (Plus who has 3 sets of armor in each style lol.)

The only thing with abby demons is how popular they are. You'll often have to hop to find an empty world. That just says how exceptional the XP is.
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Post by Ben the tick on Jun 8, 2018 1:36:18 GMT -7

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With regards to using magic notepaper, is there a good way to gauge if something's going to be worth it to pick up with them? What's the sort of profit margin you aim for?
Typically, magic notepaper is there for things that arent alchable, if it isnt worth more than the paper/runes, and isnt noted, you should disassemble

If it's a profit to alch vs not picking it up, you alch it

Unless it's worth more to sell on the GE that the difference between it's alch price and it's GE price, then you notepaper it.

Looking specifically at abyssal demons' drop table:
dissassemble - gems once your bag is full(if you dont want to bank yet), sharks(faster to eat)
alching - rune equipment/weaponry, abyssal whip, addy b-axes
note - abyssal wand/orb, only if you get a 2nd drop

the rest are noted or stackable drops
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