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MU Legend Posted May 16, 2018 7:33:33 GMT -7

Post by DanthEx on May 16, 2018 7:33:33 GMT -7

MU Legend is the sequel to MU Online, however, because of it's distinct differences with MU Online the developer WebZen decided to go with the name MU Legend rather than MU Online 2 as it's almost an entirely different game all together. It was released in November of 2017 and seems to be kicking off quite well. As long as WebZen doesn't create a new realm every year I think they'll do fine, the problem I've had with WebZen and MU Online in the past was that they essentially made the realm on Global MU Online I was playing virtually obsolete by creating so many new realms which divided the already declining player-base. They also removed the ability to realm transfer and refused to merge the realms. I'm hoping the outcome of MU Legend turns out better than MU Online, and that WebZen realizes player feedback and relations are essential, fundamental parts of managing any MMORPG.

I've spent a few hours playing MU Legend on the Sezak realm and it's definitely better than what I had expected, MU Legend is definitely a step in the right direction for WebZen. The graphics and environment are nice, and the game seems to keep you busy while playing with quests which is a great change from the usual EXP grind. You are able to access dungeons at a low level which is great for those who don't have as much time as others to commit to leveling their character(s). It seems the more quests and dungeons I do, the more I want to do. The more I play the more I want to continue the adventure so that's definitely a plus. Coming from the original Global MU Online I can definitely appreciate the proper English grammar throughout the game and options. It's neat to see the old map names and characters being used throughout the story-line. It's exciting to be completely honest, I'm curious as to what the game has to offer after devoting so many hours over many years to the original Global MU Online.

One of the most attractive aspects of the game for me is the amount of customization's available for your character, I enjoy a game with a variety of unique armor sets and skills, and MU Legend delivers. It's also a plus that MU Legend offers a wide variety of main and side quests to keep you busy while grinding out those levels as I've mentioned earlier. Another interesting part of the game I would like to mention is the 'Party' system, while in-game you're able to 'party' with other players sharing your gained experience with them. It can be very helpful to have other killers or support characters in your party as it can help increase the experience gained, plus your experienced friends can assist you on some quests. Being in a party also adds a social touch to the game which is always nice.

TL;TR: If you enjoy hack-and-slash action RPG's, MU Legend is worth a shot.

MU Legend Introduction - By: Webzen Games - Official

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MU Legend Posted May 16, 2018 8:22:10 GMT -7

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I highly recommend this game!!! I have videos from the epic dungeons currently uploading to youtube and will post them shortly!  It's also still in open beta testing, with the full launch and new continent (noria) releasing in a few months.  The $ issue is nothing like it used to be, and you could easily get away with only spending $10 a month for the platinum service.  This service gives you 30% more soul experience, a shop you can use anywhere in the world to sell or dismantle items.  Free login gifts every day, and the ability to warp to any warp point in the game from wherever you are.  Totally worth it in my book.  

As for the changes from the original mu online - it's like a different company runs this game currently.  They're continuously updating and running login events.  The extreme pay to win feature of the original mu online isn't here as much - you don't HAVE to pay huge sums of money just to continue levelling up or doing anything in game.  There's even an auction house where you can sell items for redzen which is the pay currency so theoretically, you could never spend a dollar on this game.
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MU Legend Posted Jun 18, 2018 14:19:25 GMT -7

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This looks pretty good.
How's class diversification?

Dark Lord
- Command or Destruction, has dark horse mount

Blader - Melee, strong characters with swords

War Mage
- You guessed it, magic based character

- Archer - two handed bow or a pair of crossbows

Spellbinder - Buffs, de-buffs, ranged attacks and psychic powers

I've found a video below that could use a few more hits I figured I'd share, it features all characters other than the Spellbinder(as it's new)

Mu Legend - All class gameplay! - By: Parsnip Games

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MU Legend Posted Aug 14, 2018 9:19:16 GMT -7

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Looks good , and welcome to the GamingBoards gaming community forum! I look forward to seeing more of your content around here. ::) -- What server(s) do you play on? What character(s) and level(s)?
Here to game and network with gamers alike, feel free to message me!