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All My Baby's Daddy - Season 3:Code RED

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---*The following movie preview is intended for nobody. Viewer discrecion is advised.*---

From the black guy that brought you "Clan Wars." Comes a new movie plot that also takes place a long time ago...

Danthex: Saints, now that Demarco is in the abyss, its time we went into a different direction.

*While watching a crystal ball of them.* 

Mod Mark: We have no choice, we either pay a bunch of legal fees for a single female lawyer in one time scenario and have them kill a mod in the end, or have Demarco wonder the abyss with that whiny ***** Zezima!

Mod Andrew: Well simulate both, open up another universe and send a Jagex Judge to the abyss in one, and our secret weapon to the other.

Mod Mark: And what is this weapon?

Mod Andrew: Danthex Black...

Starring Demarco, and a bunch of Saints...

Saints4Ever: Finally im finished, now I can branch out and kick ***! *Activates DOGMAI for the first time.*

DOGMAI: As you command! *Transforms into IAMGOD*

Saints4ever: Now go purge!

You will find, that some fires, are best left burning...

My Life With The Saints - The Movie: Chrono Purge

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

-----------------------------Episode 1----------------------------

-Scene: RuneTek Industries, main lobby-

*The TV is turned to OSW22*
Announcer: Coming up...another episode of Recipe of Disaster.
Adventurer: Hello cook, how is my easiest quest point giver doing?
Cook: Were having a dinner tonight, and youre invited.
Adventurer: Sure my nigga.
*8 hours later.*
Culimancer: And for my next dish, ill serve your head on a platter! *Starts casting strong magic.*
Adventurer: Cook, your dumb *** tricked me. How could I have known this quest was that hard...
*The receptionist beeps Dpope316*
Recpetionist: The boss of the invention sector of our arms department will see you next.
Dpope316: Finally!
*Dpope316 walks into the room. He notices the chair turned backwards. It turns around fast.*
Dpope316: Wait, your old *** is the invention boss of RuneTek?
NergalElite: Who did you expect as a boss, Rick Ross?
Dpope316: Well I didnt think it would be one of my fathers friends, like that groupie from last week at the Troop Frogg Concert.

-Flashback Scene: Troop Frogg Concert, Yanille Arena. 1 Week Ago.-

Troop Frogg: One, two, three and to the four,  Troop Froggy Frogg is smoking weed with that ho.
Lead Dancer: Wait what nigga, who else you been smoking with?
Troop Frogg: I mean...ummm...at the door! Yes I meant that.
Lead Dancer: What ever trick, im just gonna have to go home with an audience member. You! *Points at Demarco16.*
Demarco16: I love this place!!! *calls gnomecopter RUBER ride*
*The two elope out of the stadium.*

-Scene: NergalElite's Office-

NergalElite: Well since you whooped Black's *** last year, you're in, but a few rules. First, The Saint EX II cannot visit you. He cannot be here, he's 8. Second, you cannot discuss our wepon inventions and enhancements with your father. It is a breach of your contract. And third, get me a doughnut. You're dismissed. You start in the morning.

Later that Day...

-Scene: Demarco16's house, Rimmington-

Dpope316: So anyways, my father wont be back for awhile, what did you want to tell me Saint?
The Saint EX II: I've been hearing rumors over at Yanille High about a special kind of Genie that can grant revival wishes for those who killed a loved one. Apperantly red genie's can grant any wish!
Dpope316: No **** man, but where are we gonna find one apperantly some guy named Scuzzy used the last one remaining.
The Saint EX II: I think I know someone who can help, his name is Leonardo.
Dpope316: DiCapiro?
The Saint EX II: Naw nigga DaVinchi, of course DiCaprio! Really...he has no last name like a lot of people in runescape.
*Front door unlocks*
Dpope316: Quick hide!
*Demarco16 walks in the door*
Demarco16: There better be a naked cheerleader running through my backyard right now!
Dpope316: Ummmm, you know I wouldnt do that, even if I wanted to.
Demarco16: May I remind you son of how you got expelled from Yanille High after I paid millions of coins to send your *** there?

-Flashback Scene: Yanille High School, Chemistry Lab-

Dpope316: So if I combine the runes that create a smoke spell, with fire runes, I can create a new power that wi--
*Vial explodes burning the science building to the ground*
2 Weeks Later...
Yanille District Superintendent: You are hereby expelled from my school.
Demarco16: You heard the man, go to Varrock High or im whooping your ***!
*Dpope316 cringes to the sound of a belt buckle.*
Dpope316: Dad I don't wanna!

-Scene: Demarco16's house. Rimmington.-

Demarco16: Well ill be going to the Hyper Bowl tomorrow in Falador to watch the Varrock Dungeoneers take their title. Id hate to see Varrock if we lose... I'm going to bed, good night.
The Next Day...
*Doorbell rings.*
*Dpope316 stops getting dressed to answer the door.*
Demarco16: Open the door and pay me 5M. Otherwise get back in your room.
Dpope316: Okay cheapo...
Demarco16: What did you just say boy! *Demarco16 chases Dpope316 into his bedroom.*
*Demarco goes back to answer the door.*
Danthex: Yo man wanna get to the game early?
Demarco16: Hell yea, but we never leave eary unless... You got an Esculade Limo!
Dadajeep: Not my favorite choice in car...
Lanbo: Amen to that brother *toasts 40oz with him*
Danthex: And what would you suggest we drive, a lamborghini limo? I swear to evil bob...
Lanbo: Oh no not him...I had a dream about him last night.

-Flashback Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, Last night-

Evil Bob: When youre done breaking up the big rocks into little rocks, I want you to glue the little rocks together into big rocks. And then I want you to break the big rocks into little rocks again!
Prisoner: Will somebody kill me please?
Lanbo: Hmmmm... *stabs the prisoner* Warden hes bleeding, come heal him.
*The gates are opened.*
*Lanbo makes a run for it and wakes up.*
Lanbo: Last time I smoke brown herbs...

Scene: Demarco's House, Rimmington

*DPope316 is on the phone with The Saint EX II.*
Dpope316: Yea dude come over after I get home from work and well plot our daily routes to find the red lamp. I work now but we can take the lodestone train to get around quickly.
The Saint EX II: Ok sure.
*Hangs up*
*Dpope316 walks outsie closig the door.*
Dpope316: **** I have no shoes on and im locked out!

----------Episode 1 Over-------------

Tune in next time for the Non Member area showdown at the arena.

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-----------Episode 2------------

Scene: Highway 2, Outside Falador

*M3rciless is riding in their Esculade Limo to the Gnomeball Game*

Runekiesha: So I was like to that ho, "look here ***** im Runekiesha... I do what I want, now you best to get me 2 drinks."
ChaoticSaint: You said that to the bartender?
Runekiesha: No that trick Shandra... RIP.
Danthex: Do you two always have to insult each other, even from beyond the grave?
Runekiesha: It's all we do were women of drama.
Dadajeep: So were you two just born *****es?
Runekiesha: Actually the death was sad, but to answer your question, yes.
Demarco16: Quiet down, the radio is announcing something at Falador Stadium. *turns up car radio*
Radio Host: The annual Hyper Bowl contest is on the way as we also remember those who lost their lives in God War I and II. We have opened up a lottery that will be given to those that pick the winning team this afternoon. Enjoy the game!
Danthex: So how we gonna rig this lottery?
Demarco16: Fix the game of course!

*The limo pulls up to the stadium. M3rciless walks down the parking lot.*
Lanbo: I hate walking in crowded parking lots.
Demarco16: It's like when I went out parking lot pimping at the club last month.

-Flashback Scene: The club in Ardounge, 1 month ago-

Demarco16: buying gf 25k
Demarco16: buying gf 25k
Demarco16: Okay you snoddy ho's...buying gf 100k
Female Warrior: Hey ill be your gf...lets go behind this shed so i can see the money.
Demarco16: Of course! *Pulls out money pouch.*
Female Warrior: *flashes badge* Jagex Police, youre under arrest for prostitution! *cop cars pull up*
2 hours later
Prisoner: What are you in for?
Demarco16: Being black on a saturday night...
Prisoner: I remember when I bought my first gf...

-Scene: Falador Stadium Seats-

*Lanbo walks back with snacks.*
Lanbo: Heres a beer Danthex.
Danthex: Ummm...where was this beer made? I dont drink this Falador crap you call a drink! *knocks over beer cup*
*spectators are talking in the background*
Local Playa: Man we got this game on lock, my nigga all we gotta do is make sure Varrock loses this game. Their city will riot and they will be destroyed. We will never lose again...
*Danthex stops from opening beer contraband to look at the playa.*
Danthex: My Blue Moon Inn beer will have to wait, I know how were gonna win this bet and save varrock. Were gonna gun down all the falador haters...starting with you! *equips zamarock uzi and fires at the playa.*
*The game starts*
Announcer: Now to begin the greatest game of the Non Member Area century, for the halftime show, we present the rapper, WD-40!
*Shots heard in the stands*
Announcer: Dont let the pkers distract you from this historic game!
NergalElite: *Fires arm laser cannon at the betters* This reminds me of the time I went gambling in the tree gnome stronghold.

-Flashback Scene: Tree Gnome Stronghold-

*Nergalelite is playing 21*
NergalElite: Hit me...
Dealer: 3
NergalElite: Hit me...
Dealer: 7
NergalElite: Hit me...
Dealer: 11
NergalElite: Hit me...
Dealer: 17
NergalElite: hmmm...hit me
Dealer: WTF!? Hell no youre not running off with our money! *The dealer literally hits NergalElite*
NergalElite:...Hit me...

-Scene: Falador betting area-

Danthex: I think thats all of them...*unequips weapon* Now to place out bet *Bets 25B that Varrock Wins*
Announcer: And what a game!? Varrock wins!
*Crowd starts booing*
Demarco16: It aint our fault...


-Scene: Demarco16's House, Rimmington-

Dpope316: Okay so what do you want to play on the TV. I have super smash niggas: beatdown.
The Saint EX II: Sounds like a hell of a time. I choose hot link!

5 minutes later...

Announcer: This games winner is...hot link.

Dpope316: You cant just keep using that cheap air move gotdangit!
The Saint EX II: You've really been cussing more lately...Anyways we should get going to see Leonardo.
Dpope316: You're right, lets head to port sarim to take the train.

-----------------Episode 2 Over----------------

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Episode 3

-Scene: West Ardounge, Outside the emergency infirmary-

Dpope316: So what is it that we have to do to summon the red genie Leonardo?
Leonardo: It requires this scroll *hands The Saint EX II a master clue scroll.
The Saint EX II: Its just a bunch of puzzles.
Leonardo: Solve them and youll obtain one. There were only 3 made in existance and Scuzzy and Los used the other two up. So choose your wish wisely.
Dpope316: Does he mean wisely as in what happend 6 months ago The Saint?
The Saint EX II: Ah hell naw, I remember that day.

-Flashback Scene: Danthex's Penthouse, Yanille-

Danthex: You can have an orange or a banana son, so choose wisely.
10 minutes later...
*Danthex Walks back into the kitchen.*
Danthex: Did you eat one fruit? Because both are gone.
The Saint EX II: The dog ate the banana.
Danthex: You lieing your *** off my son. You know damn well we dont have a dog, and they cant eat them anyways.
The Saint EX II: oops
Danthex: **** right oops. Now hand me dat extension cord. Runekiesha!
Runekiesha: Yes baby's daddy?
Danthex: Come check yo son.

-Scene: West Ardounge-
Dpope316: Is there a catch to this.
Leonardo: No catch, just results. Now get going!
*Dpope316 and The Saint EX II leave the area.*
Leonardo: *dials number on cell phone.*...Its done Don, fire the ballistic missile at West Ardounge....Yes...No there wern't any fine ******* here....Just do it! *hangs up*

-Scene: right outside Ardounge-
The Saint EX II: Crap we have to go to the wild for the first clue!
Dpope316: Were heading straight to drive-by city to be entertained by the wild killas.
The Saint EX II: lets get goi-
*A ballistic missle falls out of the sky and hits West Ardounge, destroying the district.
The Saint EX II: What the fudge was that!?
Dpope316: Reminds me of when some of the M3rciless members returned from God War II.

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, 4 years ago-
Lanbo: I'm never taking LSD in battle again, they came out of the trees man the trees!
Paimon: Nigga man you need to smoke some trees with that comment. The **** you think this is gilligans island? Well this is M3rciless island *****!
Lanbo: Why'd you have to call me a ***** for?
Paimon: Because everytime I try to breed a bastard, I get a *****! You left the battle of ICE Mountain and left us with only 2 usuable DDS specials we almost got ICED.
Danthex: You both need a psych. You do that stuff everyday as gangsters get your acts together or now strip club entry for you!

-Scene: Outside Ardounge-

Dpope316: it's getting late, lets start our quesr to revive my mother in the morning I have a day off from work. Im going by tonight to get a sonar reader to find the chests easier.
The Saint EX II: Good going. Ill be waiting.


-Scene: M3rciless Citadel-
*The TV is on W2*
Stock Broker: In a wild day for stocks adamantite prices have skyrocketed hitting the daily maximum gain. Can we get another gain tomorrow?
Chessy018: Hell no we dump that stock tonight! Right men!?
*Demarco16 turns the TV off*
*Danthex Walks into the room*
Danthex: were going into another clan war, this time for the tournament of strength. There gonna blow our citadel out of the sky if we lose along with 11 other clans.
Demarco16: Lawsuit...
Danthex: Well were doing this anyways! I mean I got a black clone so anything goes in runescape.
Dadajeep: So we get to go up against the strongest niggas in runescape again? I thought we learned our lesson with Rank #1.
Demarco16: Now when you say rank 1 do you mean the clan Le Me ran?
Dadajeep: Yes, and we killed them like the river troll.

-Flashback Scene: Outside barberian outpost by the river-
Dadajeep: Just one more fish left and we can leave *walks near bush and the river troll jumps out*
River Troll: My fish!
*Dadajeep pimp slaps the River Troll in the face.*
River Troll: I'm telling my auntie!
Dadajeep: Tell yo auntie! I aint afraid!

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel-
Danthex: Alright gentelman, call your wives and kids because were partying all night tonight to see us off, on me!
Demarco16: Its always on you youre the **** clan leader! *pops open hennessey*

Episode 3 Ended

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Episode 4

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel-
*The TV is on W30, the TV-14 only channel*
Announcer: And now back to Saturday...
Actor #1: What the hell you doing in my house!? Eating a big *** sandwich and ****!
Actor #2: Im Santa Claus mother*******! Wheres the milk and cookies?
*Actor #1 picks up the christmas tree and repeatedly hits the robber for 100 damage each.
*Actor #2 picks up a picture, hits him with it, and escapes out the window.*
The next Day...
Officer #1: Well what did they take from you niggas?
Actor #1: Us what!?
Officer #1: Nigga, yes I said it. My wife is black.
Actor #1: They took the speaker with our rent money in it.
Actor #3: What!? Who got the rent money!?
Actor #1: Shut yo busta *** up! Where was yo *** when I was getting my *** beat by Santa Claus?
Officer #2: *walks in the room* look what we have here... looks like irit. your christmas is about to get worse.
Actor #1: Thats for medicasl purposes only. I have magic rune withdrawl syndrome.
Officer #1: Oh MRWS?

Demarco16: Oh I have MRWS all right, im addicted to nature runes.
Paimon: Just be lucky this is the last Saturday movie in the marathon.
*Danthex walks into the break room.*
Danthex: Ok clan, today we fight 11 other clans in the tournament of strength. I will be held battle royale style!
Demarco16: Thats a major lawsuit, on top of last weeks lawsuit.
Danthex: Youre the one to talk. May I remind you for your custody case with Shandra?

-Flashback Scene: Varrock Jagex Courthouse, 8 years ago.-
Jagex Judge: Demarco, give me one reason why I should leave you with custody of your son.
Demarco16: Well I heard a creeping sound in my house, I just knew something was going on upstairs! I love my son and I want to be the father I did not have growing up. See my father was always distant.
Shandra: Nigga please... you know that drunk was always there to whoop your ***!
Demarco16: And thats why I joined the Saints 20 years ago.
Shandras Lawyer: Objection hes badgering the plantiff.
Jagex Judge: Overruled, next person to moan and ***** will get my deez handz to their face. *Observes 5 onyx rings on one hand.*
Jagex Judge: It's been decided, Demarco will keep full custody of the kid and pay alimony to the wife. This court decision is final! *pounds gavel*

-Scene:M3rciless Citadel-
Danthex: I want to introduce my extra-dimensional partners who work with my other ubniversal selves in distant lands.
*Koshmar and Red Mech walk in the room.* *studio audience cheers*
Koshmar: Yo what up? I'm from the MU universe.
Dadajeep: OMG that armor! its so ******* shiny like wtf!? Dude take me back to your world I want what your having.
Red Mech: Thats what she said...
Red Mech: Hi, im from the Gunz universe. If you think he was cool, wait till you see my fight with a sword, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher.

*The TV show is interrupted*
W2 News Reporter: We bring you a urgent message. West Ardounge has suffered from a ballistic missle attack last weekend. The bomb had signage from guithix. The officlals from Menaphos, Ardounge, and Varrock are worried their provinces will go into a new God War. We may see God War III which is thought to be used with nuclear arms.
Danthex: Well I have a bomb shelter already where the saints mansion to be in varrock. Took 90 consutruction just to build the walls. 105 for evrything else. ****... We need to get to the battle royale.

Later that day...

-Scene: Over a secluded island via bomber plane.-
Danthex: Ok now crew... we have to land in the same place and find guns as soon as possible. No major cities.
Lanbo: I'm feeling like Rambo today, im landing in that city over there *jumps off plane*
Demarco16: Aww hell naw *jumps out plane*
*M3rciless team jumps out and lands in a city.
Red Mech: It's time... K-Style *******! *Red Mech approaches a person and cuts him mutiple times moving bacxk and forth. finished him off with a shotgun to the face*
Koshmar: My armor may look extra sexy but my weapon will be the largewst thing in your mouth for tonight only! *pulls out a rediculously huge sword and cuts away*
Announcer board: The danger zones are closing in, anyone caught out of the safe area will be electrocuted.
NergalElite: Reminds me of when I got my job a RuneTek.

-Flashback scene: ScapeRune National Prison- Electric Chair room-
Executioner: Any last words before I pull the switch.
NergalElite: Dont make me angry...you wont like me when im angry...
executioner: *pulls off mask, you passed the final test, welcome aboard to RuneTek.
*NergalElite feels a shock and turns into the hulk, running through a wall and out the room*

-Scene: Secluded Island- Lake dock-
Danthex: Ok, thees just us and one more clan left of 3 people. We have 5 so we should be killing out there.
Koshmar: I'm out of mana...
Danthex: Dammit!
Red Mech: I have unlimited bullets.
Danthex: Then you lead, Demarco youre in the back. Lets raid these Mofo's!
*The electric field has centered to one house. M3rciless opens the door and raids it.*
Demarco16: ****...its a crystal ball. Must do...disco*starts Dancing*
Danthex: Thats good evreyone back up.
*The enemy clan finds Demarco16 and eliminates him. The rest of M3rciless sees this as an opportunity to win and does just that.
Announcer: I am pleased to announced that M3rciless will be the only clan nt affected by a ballistic missle to their core.
Demarco16: What a minute...what!? They have ballistic missles!? Something is very fishy here...


-Scene: Level 30 Wilderness-
Dpope316: The spot is here. Im stopping the Esculade.
The Saint EX II: Yes Yes Yes the lamp is here!* digs up chest, finds note inside* Oh crud...
Dpope316: It's just a map to another spot...umm Saint?
The Saint EX II: Yes?
Dpope316: Isnt the X marking your backyard in Yanile?
The Saint EX II: Awww ****!
Dpope316: OOOHHH you cussed im telling!
The Saint EX II: Please dont, I value my mildly whipped butt.

Episode 4 Over

Ballistic missles making attacks, M3rciless caught in the crossfire. What does that mean for M3rciless Jr's quest to revive Shandra. Find out in the next 2 episodes.

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Episode 5

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-
*The entire M3rciless cast is watching the W1 News.*
Anchorman: Leaving hundreds killed and thousands injured and mild radiation, in each city, Menephos and The Native Gnome Reservation: Tree Stronghold have both been destroyed. *video goes to live footage*
Demarco16: What. The. ****...
NergalElite: It here, God War III.
Lanbo: Time to go loot the local dispensaries...
Danthex: Aww hell naw. Now I know were safe on this island, but I’ll bever loot again.
Demarco16: Like when you tried to loot that open rainbow once?

-Flashback Scene: Feldip Hills- 16 Months ago
*Danthex and Dadajeep arrive in a Jeep Grand Cherokee*
Danthex: There it is, the end of the rainbow. The leprechaun’s *** is mine! Payback time *****!
*Danthex gets out of the car, brushes his shoulders off, and loads a god homing missile into a Zaros rocket launcher*
Leprechaun: You’re just lucky I’m not the leprechaun in the movies. Leprechaun power E-Nuk-Chuck! *The leprechaun glows*
*Danthex fires the middle blowing up the leprechaun and leaving items on the ground.* *The rainbow starts raining*
Danthex: Rainbow colered rain... wait a minute! *Holds hands out*
Danthex: Skittles wtf! That fat leprechaun was a man!

Scene: Merciless Citadel-Breakroom
Lanbo: This is not good.
Demarco16: That would be what she said, if I didn’t agree. We’re screwed. We have to save Varrock from this same fate. Didn’t the owners of that battle Royale use ballistic missiles?
NergalElite: It must be them, Only 5 people in the company have clearance to nucleo nature rune technology, and I am not one of them. They are a special task force headed by Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and headed by Mod Andrew. They have a launch base located in level 50 wilderness.
Danthex: Damn that’s creepy, if what you are saying is right then we have to kill that MOD.
NergalElite: The MOD is not the problem, it’s those “Artistic 4”
Danthex: I know my history, aren’t there only three of them?
NergalElite: Yes, but which one is a knockoff of a lawsuit in progress?
Demarco16: **** I’m stumped...
NergalElite: We need to get to Varrock Headquarters right away, were suiting up and heading to the launch base.
*Demarco16, NergalElite, Danthex, Lanbo, and Dadajeep get in the Esculade and drive into Varrock.*

Scene: RuneTek Industries-Weaponry Development Hangar
NergalElite: Suit up and take a key to a car. We have ancient enchanted zaros weaponry and third age inspired stage 6++ body armor. The actual grade is top secret. The M4’s come with ancient magic affects such as ice bullets, smoke Grenades, and blood bullets. The Zaros shotguns come with
Ice barrage shells. Try using one. That place is heavily guarded, and with a party of 5 we will need Bandos Armored Esculades.
Danthex: That’s a lot of info... why don’t I just stomp them in the nutz?
Demarco16: You’ve been watching too much music videos... it’s like runefest all over again.

-Flashback Scene: RuneFest- Varrock Fairgrounds: 1 year ago
I got this bad. I’ll show you rad. I’ll show you some cuts before stomping you in the nuts.
Danthex: Oh yes DJ RuneCoin!!!
Lanbo: **** Danthex call down he’s just a free area rapper you see him all the time.
Demarco16: You guys listen I’m gonna go take my son over near the animal area. Be back later, and if you don’t have the Album when I get back you’ll catch deez hands quick, hella quick.

Scene: Varrock Northern Expressway- Wilderness Junction
Danthex: We have no choice but to do this! Forward ride fall in on me!
*M3rciless rides towards the launch base.*


Scene: Yanille, The Saint EX II’s backyard

The Saint EX II: Ok this is the X. Hurry or my mom will see she’s here now.
Dpope316: ****!!
The Saint EX: What!?
Dpope316: It’s taking us to level 50 wilderness.
The Saint EX II: **** Seriuosly.
Dpope316: I know... we’re suiting up at my job for this one. Business wormhole open!*The two of the teleport to RuneTek.

Scene: RuneTek abondoned weaponry department.
Dpope316: I have no clearance yet so all we have is weapons that require an attacker and a mage to use. Good thing you have 99 magic.
The Saint EX II: That will work. What about this modified scouter.
Dpope316: That will work yes!
The Saint EX II: Anyone can be out there, better safe then sorry... I hear footsteps let’s get going.


To be concluded...

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Episode 6

Scene: Level 20 wilderness-Abondoned Village

*DPope316 and The Saint EX II are driving through the village.*
DPope316: So this is where the dophines hang out, no liquor store needed I guess.
The Saint EX II: They scare me, it’s like seeing Black sell rocks all over again.

Flashback Scene: Yanille- Middle Class District, 4 years ago

Danthex Black: Yo What you want what you need!? I got grapes all day and runedust on the rocks!
Runedust addict: Black, you got some rocks? I’ll s-
The Saint EX II: I think I heard enough for a kids ears!
Danthex Black: It’ll be just a second, steps into dark alley.
*The Saint EX II turns on his RuneStation Portable*
The Saint EX II: The only addiction I need is Monster Hunter: Glienor!
*Danthex Black returns from the alley.*
Danthex Black: Monster Hunter huh? Bet you never played booty hunter before!

Scene: Level 30 wilderness

DPope316: Sounds like that one movie. I’d mention it but, you know...
The Saint EX II: It’s not funny! *Lights Lantadyme Blunt*
Dpope316: W-T-F do you think you’re doing!?
The Saint EX II: I just thought since were going into the wild that we can use a stat boost.
DPope316: Yo momma needs a stat boost, pass that **** homie!
The Saint EX II: Now we’re acting like our gangster fathers. Push this thing to top speed we’re going into the death zone high!
* The M3rciless JR. Esculade speeds up.*


Scene: Jagex Launch Base- Level 50 Wilderness

Danthex: Okay, we just need to get in, disarm the warheads, and kill the Artistic 4.
NergalElite: Ditto. We can not afford to be detected or they will launch all missiles. So just sneak in and-
*gunshots are head going off as guards die*
NergalElite: Son of a *****! Oh well...
*NergalElite fires his Ice Barrage Shotgun at the guards, creating a opening to reach the middle silos.
*M3rciless runs inside the silo to encounter Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.
Leonardo: You have made it, contest winners. We needed to make sure no clan alive could stop us from world wide anarchy. You cannot take on 4 Level 138’s!
*Donatello starts casting a spell*
Lanbo: Now! *activates shuriken Arm launcher*
*Donatello gets cut in the neck*!
Leonardo: Oh **** she did not just kill him... plan B, we Lauch all nuclear arms now. *presses detonator*
*Lauch system has been activated. Launching all middles in10 minutes.*


Scene: Level 50 Wilderness

The Saint EX II: activate the sextant!
Dpope316: *laughs* You said sex...
*Alarm sound can be heard*
The Saint EX II: something’s going on... dig nigga!
*M3rciless JR digs up a large chest, inside is a red genie lamp.*
DPope316: It’s time mother! I’m wishing you back.
Base Guards: They have the lamp seize them!
*Dpope316 activates smoke bomb.*
The Saint EX: quick into that silo!
Dpope316: That’s What she said...
The Saint EX II: like when cult leader broke up with you?

-Flashback Scene: Demarco’s Backyard-2 years ago.-

Cultleader: And another thing! If I catch you looking at the girls at Varrock high I’ll whoop your ***. Speaking of that, quick into that silo!
Dpope316: I’m sorry girl.
Cultleader: Were through, I’m moving to the eastern mainland with my older sister!

Scene: Jagex Launch Base

*Everyone is dead except Leonardo from the 4*
Leonardo: You guys just don’t give a ****! *Fires dragon flamethrower* Don’t you understand that our government needs to be exterminated to be resown?
Dadajeep: We need benevolent leaders!
*M3rciless JR walks in*
Dpope316: Wait What!? You sent us on this quest and this is what you do!?
Leonardo: Mission accomplished, now give me the lamp so I can rule the world.
*Dpope Breaks the lamp, turning the power off*
*Danthex sneaks up to Leonardo behind him and shanks him.*
Red Genie: What is your wish!!!
Demarco16: What are you gonna do son?
Dpope316: I wish runescape was restored to its condition before god war III.
Red Genie: Your wish has been granted. *grants wish and leaves*
Demarco16: Okay now that that’s over, Both of you line up for your *** whoopings!

The End

I’m taking a break from the main clan series to write the saints movie.

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Executive Producer: Demarco16
Writer: Demarco16
Screenplay Name inspired By: Caveny

Cast (in order of appearance)

The Saint EX II
Danthex Black

Featuring Special Guest:

Red Mech

Didn’t I tell you guys Shandra wasn’t coming back? Lmao
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