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Introduction to God Wars 2 - Twin Furies

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Post by shanghide on Apr 23, 2018 8:18:23 GMT -7

So you're looking at getting into higher level bossing and learning boss mechanics? Well, then this may be the boss for you! The Twin Furies are considered the easiest boss in the God Wars 2. Firstly, the Twin Furries mechanics are among the most predictable and most easily identifiable. Secondly, you are able to damage each one of the two sisters at the same time resulting in extremely fast kills due to the fact that they share a Health bar.


To begin, we will be using melee for this boss. More specifically a melee weapon with reach. The best option being a Noxious Sycthe or a Dragon Rider Lance. You can use any style of combat or melee weapon however due to the nature of the bosses and the fact that the two bosses share a health bar, melee weapon with reach will double your damage output. For armor bring your best melee gear. I would not suggest bringing anything lower than Bandos.

Bring a Beast of burden for extra food and make sure to pack some potions to increase your melee abilities. Overloads are wonderful if you have them however if you don't have the Herblore skill for them, just buy supersets or something along those lines. Make sure to bring prayer potions as well!   

Getting to the Twin Furies

For those who have never been to the God Wars 2 dungeon, it is called the Heart on the Runescape map. It is located in the Kharidian Desert just south of Pollnivneach. You can speak to the NCP at the heart to do a mini-quest which will allow you to use teleport tablets to teleport directly to the entrance. Once in the dungeon, you must accumulate a kill count of minions belonging to the boss you wish to kill. In this case, our target is Zammorak followers. Kill 40 of them and then go to the bank and get ready for your fight. Remember that the kill count stays if you leave the area allowing you to go to the bank and come back. Head over to the Twin Furries boss portal which is located in the North West area of the dungeon. ** When you create the instance using your kill count it will stay for an hour. You can teleport, use the bank then run back and will still be able to get into the boss again without a new kill count!**


The Twin Furies use this attacking pattern:


Several auto-attacks

Ceiling collapse

Several auto-attacks


Several auto-attacks



The first mechanic that comes up is the charge mechanic. Avaryss (the blue sister) will jump onto the walls and fly in a straight line, covering a 3x3 area in front of her. If you get caught in the charge you will be knocked into the wall and dealt up to 2000 melee damage. Avaryss always follows the set pattern of, north to south, west to east, south to north and finally east to west. To avoid this simply step out of the way when you see her move to one of the walls. For example, the first time she strikes, she will start at the north wall and charge towards the south wall. Just step to the east or west and you will be safe. 

Ceiling Collapse  

The next mechanic is the Ceiling collapse. This is also fairly easy to dodge. Nymora (the purple sister) will move away from the fight and say "We will purge them all!". After a few seconds, she will fly up, becoming unattackable while attacking the ceiling. Stalactites will fall down and deal ranged damage of up to 1000 every three ticks. This can be avoided by simply staying under Nymora, as the stalactites will not fall down on her location. You are still able to attack Avaryss at this time and will be safe from the range damage as long as you stay tucked safely under Nymora.

The Bomb

Avaryss and Nymora will fly to the center of the room, saying "Burn, burn, BURN!" and "Come to me, my sister!". A ring of fire will also appear in the outer area, dealing up to 2500 damage every few ticks you are in it. They will channel their powers to create a portal of energy which sends out fire bolts at the player for up to 350 damage per tick. During this, they will not attack you and will suffer a 2x damage multiplier on them. A blue bar will also appear over their heads and will change to orange over time. Once the bar is completely orange, the portal explodes and deals up to 4500 damage to players in its radius. Just a few seconds before the explosion, the outer ring of fire will dissipate. If you came prepared with a shield you can use resonance which will lower the damage from the explosion to 0. Alternatively, you use the ranged ability escape just before the explosion and jump back to a safe distance to avoid the damage.

There you have it. This should have all you need to know to be able to farm the Twin Furries and start getting into the God Wars 2 bosses. Have fun and let me know how your adventures go! Good Luck!

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