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How to Train your Queen Black Dragon!

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The Queen Black Dragon is an excellent introduction into the realm of high level bossing. This boss offers approximately 4 million GP per hour which creates a good incentive to learn and become proficient with the Queen Black Dragon. This Boss will take a few attempts to get the hang of. She can be unforgiving with some of her special attacks and her minions can stack up if you’re not quick.


The only hard requirement to access this boss is a summoning level of 60.


90 Ranged or Magic

90 Defense

96 Summoning

96 Herblore

95 Prayer

50 Agility

Equipment and Loadout:

For this boss bring your best gear. I suggest using ranged methods when starting out because it provides a decent defense against the Queen Black Dragon’s (QBD) auto ranged attacks and also the Grotworms magic attack that she summons as her minions. 96 Herblore is recommended for the super Antifire potions and overloads. If you don’t have access to these you can use regular Antifire potions, an Anti Dragonfire shield and the highest potion set you have access to. A beast of burden familiar is very useful and should always be brought along. Bring a few Prayer potions along for the ride as you will be praying for something regardless of your level. If you have 95 Prayer, use your Soul Split and Anguish. If you don’t have 95 Prayer just protect from range.

Queen Black Dragon’s Attacks
and Mechanics

Ranged Attack:

The Queen Black Dragon uses this attack on a player anywhere on the field, including the range at which it performs its melee attack. This attack hits in the high 1000s, but potentially as high as 2990.

Melee Attack:

The Queen Black Dragon can use this attack if the player does not stand farther south than the middle artefact. It is an accurate bite attack that can hit over 2000 life points.

Standard Dragonfire Attack:

The Queen Black Dragon has a dragon breath that even super Antifires with a Dragonfire shield/anti-dragon shield combo cannot fully block. This attack is reduced to the low 400s with full Antifire protection, and 800's with standard protection. There is a ten second cooldown on this attack

Fire Wave Attack:

An orange message appears in the chat box prior to this attack, saying "The Queen Black Dragon takes a huge breath." A few seconds later, a fire wall will appear at the northern edge of the fighting area and will begin to move towards the player. There will be a break in the wall and the player must run to that area to avoid damage. If the player cannot get to the break in the wall it is best to run through it as you will only take one hit of damage as opposed to multiple by standing static and tanking the hit. 750 damage is dealt for every game tick of contact with the wall when the player has Antifire protection. Without proper protection, the flame walls will hit 2500 per game tick of contact.


The QBD coughs up level 105 Giant worms every time its current health bar is depleted. These magic-based worms will continue spawning until the correct artefact for the stage has been activated. Ignore these as they are meant as a distraction to the player. The main concern is the Queen Black Dragon.

Tortured Souls:

One of the most notable aspects of the entire fight is the summoning of tortured souls. Seconds before the attack is used, a purple message will appear in the chatbox saying "The Queen Black Dragon summons one/several of her captured souls." This mechanic is very easy to avoid as long as you’re paying attention. The QBD will spawn the soul or souls (up to four) around the player. Simply run behind on of the souls and the summoned chaotic cloud which chases after the player will hit the soul instead! The QBD is also capable of using these souls to heal her in phase 3 and 4. It is often better to continue to attack the QBD and out DPS the healing.

Queen Black Dragon Forms:

This mechanic is one of the less important ones but should still be mentioned! The QBD will change her form in phase 3 and 4 of the fight. The QBD will either turn into her crystal form or Hardened carapace form. Crystal is magic resistant and hardened carapace is range resistant. The answer to these forms is DPS. The QBD will return to normal after the phase is complete.

Extreme Dragon Breath:

This is the QBD's most extreme dragonfire attack, only available on the final stage. The text "The Queen Black Dragon gathers her strength to breathe extremely hot flames." If the player wishes to Brandish their Royal crossbow, this is the time to do it! Stand in the center and click brandish *beware that the player will take a lot of damage doing this so insure high health before brandishing*. This attack will hit no matter what. The defense to this is simply to get as close to the outside of the ring as possible. Being in or very close to the middle will result in three hits of 1950, which totals up to 5850 life points. Staying on the side will result in three hits of 750, which totals up to 2250 life points.

Time Freeze:

A single soul teleports to the edge of the arena (not on the platforms), shouting "Kill me mortal...quickly! HURRY! BEFORE THE SPELL IS COMPLETE!". The spell takes effect seconds after the final dialogue, ten seconds after the initial warning. A haze appears over the screen, freezing the whole arena except for the Queen Black Dragon and the soul which used the ability. During this time, players cannot move, eat or teleport until it ends. This mechanic is easy to avoid and deadly if it is not! The souls die fairly quickly so as long as you keep your eye out for the speech you will be fine!


*After the player reduces the Queen Black Dragon’s health to 0 in each phase they must activate the glowing artifact to start the next phase.*
The queen black dragon will spit out Grotworms until the artifact is activated!

Phase 1:

Basic Range and Magic attacks

Singular Fire Wall

Phase 2:

Basic Range and Magic Attacks

A Pair of Fire Walls

A singular Tortured Soul

Phase 3:

Basic Range and Magic Attacks

Groups of 3 Fire Walls

A pair of tortured souls (she may use these ones to heal)

QBD can use her two forms in this phase

Phase 4: 
Basic Range and Magic Attacks

Groups of 3 Fire Walls

Groups of 4 tortured souls

QBD can use her two forms in this phase

Extreme Breath

Time Stop

That concludes the Queen Black Dragon Fight! You may now proceed down the stairs and collect your rewards! These can be sent strait to the bank to allow the player to kill the Queen Black Dragon over and over without having to bank their rewards! Good Luck Everyone and Enjoy your Dragon Slaying!

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