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Money Making for the Common RS Player

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Post by shanghide on Apr 18, 2018 11:34:05 GMT -7

When I was starting out on Runescape I was always looking for the next way to make a couple thousand GP. I tried many different ways and wasted a lot of time on methods that didn't give me the results I wanted. So here are a few methods that can make you reliable GP per hour with relatively low skill requirements. 

1. Blue Dragons (1 Million GP/hour)
Now some of you may roll your eyes and laugh when this comes up but dragons have always been a money making method in Runescape and although now there are many great ways to make money at higher levels this method holds true for the MID level players.

100+ recommended
85 Herblore (recommended for super antifire potions) or a Dragonfire Shield and antifire potions
70 Agility (recommended ) or a Dusty Key
67 Summoning recommended
60 Dungeoneering recommended

To begin this method start at the Taverly Bank. Ensure you have your super antifire potions or regular antifire potions and a Dragonfire shield. If you do not have the recommended agility level then you will need a Dusty key which you can obtain from the Taverly Dungeon. Summon your Beast of Burdon if you're able to and bring some food if you need to. Run south to the Taverly Dungeon and use the agility shortcut pipe near the entrance(70 agility) or run around and use your Dusty Key. Once you make it to the blue dragons you can kill them and collect the hides (Current GE: 2904) and dragon bones (Current GE:1727). If you have the recommended Dungeneering level you can use the Taverley blue dragon resource dungeon, which contains a greater number of blue dragons for your money making needs. Fill your inventory and then use the Taverly loadstone teleport to get back to the bank. Rinse and repeat. 

2. Making Unfinished Potions (1 million GP to 2.4 million GP per hour)
This method can be boring but if you can take an hour out of your play time here and there can give you some extra spending gold.

49 Dungeneering for the scroll of cleansing
? Herblore (this depends on what unfinished potion you choose to make)

The main point of this method is using the scroll of cleansing for its benefit of potentially saving a herb from being used. This way you can make more potions and in turn make more money! You will also be using portable wells which can usually be found by joining the friend chat "Portables". This friend chat gives access to all types of portables that are set up so you don't have to buy any! The portable well gives a chance for an addition potion to be made which will increase your income! Get to the Portable which will always be set up near a bank and create bank quick setups for your inventory so when you open your bank you can fill your inventory with all the herbs and vials of water with one keyboard key. Get 14 of whatever herb you have decided to do and 14 vials of water in your inventory and click on portable well. Make your unfinished potions and bank them and then repeat!

Current rates: Please note that these will change base on Grand Exchange prices. Always check before committing to large buys***
Unfinished Toadflax potions: Level 49 Herblore - 2.4 million GP/hour
Unfinished Fellstalk potions: Level 91 Herblore - 1.9 million GP/hour 
Unfinished Dwarf weed potions: Level 70 Herblore - 1.6 million GP/hour
Unfinished Lantadyme potions: Level 67 Herblore - 1.4million GP/hour
Unfinished Snapdragon potions: Level 59 Herblore - 1.25 million GP/hour

3. Tanning Dragonhide - 5.5 million to 7.5 million GP/hour

This method works, however, is very click intensive and also requires a decent about of money to buy the supplies. If you are okay with both of these then you can make millions with this method! Dragon leather is used to train Crafting, and it is always in high demand. Because Dragonhide must be tanned into leather before it can be crafted, tanning the hides in bulk can be highly profitable.

The price difference between hides and leather can be fairly small, it is important to buy the hides for a low price and sell the leather for a high price; you can lose out on up to 50% of the profit if you are not patient. Test the profit by buying one Dragonhide and one Dragon leather. If the difference between the two is less than 200, it may be better to tan another color of dragonhide: green, blue, red, Black or royal dragonhide instead.

It is important to have a portable crafter available so use the friend chat Portables again to find one. Now load your bank preset by pressing a key then instead of closing the bank interface, click on the portable. Next: press space and at the same time click on the banker. This way you don't need to wait until the bank or tanning interface opens up and can tan with little to no delay. At its peak, it is possible to tan nearly 80,000 per hour. Note that Dragonhide has a buy limit of 10,000 per 4 hours so if you intend on doing an entire hour of this you may have to plan ahead to get all the supplies.

Current Rates: Please note that these will change base on Grand Exchange prices. Always check before committing to large buys***
Green dragonhide: 5.5 million GP/hour
Blue Dragonhide: 6.8 million GP/hour
Red Dragonhide: 6.9 million GP/hour
Black Dragonhide: 7.5 million GP/hour
Royal Dragonhide: 6.7 million GP/hour

If anyone else has some useful money making methods that are accessible for lower levels please share below!

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Post by Nergal on Apr 22, 2018 12:49:24 GMT -7

Just train it, it's decent reasonable money per hour.
I think at level 99 at incandescent wisps it's between 1.5m and 2.5m per hour presently.
But the nice thing about the skill is it's safe (except for cursed energy) so you don't need to pay constant attention to it.
Because the energy gets used for Invention, making divine charges, there's always demand from people trying to get the best deal by buying various tiers of energy, or you could figure out how to use them yourself; for example: sign of the porter(s) are really nice for things like Dragonhide or Salamanders.
Divination is what woodcutting was back in my childhood. It's just easy to do while watching TV and provides xp.

If you are going to keep doing this, I advise hitting the guthixan caches wheever you can daily as it will help you level faster, but if you're here JUST for the money, convert all memories to energy and enjoy the profit.

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Post by harikage on May 11, 2018 0:38:47 GMT -7

Slayer! I know it talk about it on rs all the time, but once you're level 80+ slayer, every task is 1 to 2 mill an hour. Especially with the ability to kill certain bosses as slayer targets, that slayer helm gives a lofty accuracy and damage boost.
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Post by shanghide on May 17, 2018 6:36:19 GMT -7

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Slayer! I know it talk about it on rs all the time, but once you're level 80+ slayer, every task is 1 to 2 mill an hour. Especially with the ability to kill certain bosses as slayer targets, that slayer helm gives a lofty accuracy and damage boost.
Also some slayer monsters can be replaced with bosses. For example, Black Dragons can be replaced with the Queen Black Dragon. The slayer helm will give you a great bonus as it recognizes the Queen Black Dragon as the players task. QBD gives about 4 Million Gp per hour so if you don't mind taking a break from power leveling slayer you can make a healthy profit. (works with others such as Krill and Kree) 
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