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ok so i bought from a member here a Compaq Armada SB nb 5200/32/3.2/DM laptop so far laptop. works well for its intended purpose retro gaming, but i need some input from u wise zoners as google doesnt seem to give me a decent answer.
from my research it looks like the laptop came with either windows 3.11 or windows 98 SE,
i bought the laptop mainly for playing retro games it came with 96 megs of ram and a 200Mhz pentium 1 mmx cpu i mainly play games released for dos, games like blood chex quest catacombs 3d mech warrior 2 nascar and the like.
my question is which os would best suite me 3.11 or win 98 SE does 3.11 support usb and usb devices i can get drivers from the hp site for both 98 and 3.11 what are the pros and cons of each os as far as my gaming goes?

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How much did the Laptop cost you, are you sure you just want the PC for retro gaming? Do you still want your computer, are you going to sell it and look for another one? You have to shop around before purchasing a Laptop otherwise you could regret your buy from the merchant. You have to consider the following: size, screen quality (it's still for gaming), keyboard quality, RAM, CPU, price(can you compare prices cheaper elsewhere), product reviews, and brand guarantee in case there is a fault. Feel free to reply and ask me any questions/queries you may have.
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