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Post by xxinfectedxx on Jan 3, 2019 6:42:17 GMT -7

I'm 18 years of age and just wanted to provide you all with an update. I've got my qualifications and now have a five year plan, go into retail management. I achieved functional skills in maths and english.
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University? Posted Jan 14, 2019 19:20:54 GMT -7

Post by demarco on Jan 14, 2019 19:20:54 GMT -7

Starting off at a community college decreases the cost for the same class types. A loan however is something that cannot be avoided after awhile. This is because in the US, federal pell grants only lasts 6 years MAX. I am a doctorate student and have to take out loans. If you take this option (as a last resort), try to remain in classes till the end so it remains payment deferred. Otherwise your grace period will end and youll have to start making payments