Hello, I'm April!

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Post by Darling Pretty on Jan 8, 2018 2:46:00 GMT -7

My name is April and I'm from a small town in KY. I never really got into video games until the PS3 was released but I do have some favorite classics! Mario, Zelda and Sypro, anyone? My favorite game franchise is Uncharted. The fourth one was amazing! I'm also a big fan of Mass Effect.

I've noticed a lot of you are multiplayers. I'm not a big fan. In fact, I can't remember the last time I actually sat down for some MP. I hope that's not a problem. :)

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Post by DanthEx on Jan 8, 2018 6:49:28 GMT -7

Hey , welcome to GamingBoards.net! I'm a huge fan of Zelda myself, and who doesn't love Mario?! :P Uncharted is a great single player story also! We welcome gamers of all types, single and multiplayer, to come here and share past and present experiences with the community. We're a social group always willing to open our community to new faces, I hope you're able to find yourself a comfortable spot around here and decide to stick with us for the long run, we'd love to have you! 

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Here to game and network with gamers alike, feel free to message me!
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Post by Nergal on Jan 8, 2018 11:46:36 GMT -7

Single player games are great for narrative based gameplay. I tend to discuss multiplayer games more often because the human interaction adds a gameplay element which isn't constant. I love single player games but I have a tendency of eventually ruining them for myself; often as a result of learning AI patterns too well.