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Post by Nergal on Mar 2, 2018 13:28:31 GMT -7

Level 93 Hunter - Nourished Hunting Effigy

I actually hadn't checked in a while, since I haven't been bossing much recently, but I just realized that I can open ANY ancient effigy entirely on my own.
99 Summoning makes up for my Runecrafting and 99 Herblore Picks up the slack on my Hunter Level; already have 99 for all the others, NEAT.
I guess optimally I should work on Runecrafting next so I can assist anyone with their effigies if needed. Only 700k exp from 97 Runecrafting so that shouldn't take TOO long.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 3, 2018 23:33:19 GMT -7


I started Wilderness Slayer Tasks today.
First task was Ankou, got 2 Emblem drops plus some random loot from players that had died near my teleport location.
Second Task was bears, got a few ensouled heads and a Slayer's Enchantment Scroll, but otherwise rather uneventful.
Third task was Dark Warriors, got another Slayer's Enchantment Scroll.
4th Task is Ankou again but I'm going to bed soon so I will get to that tomorrow.

Up to Level 64 Magic, 50 Crafting, 60 Strength, and 59 Slayer.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 6, 2018 13:41:05 GMT -7

Trying to save up 9 tradable bonds for my buddy. Super not time effective.

Got myself the Bandos God Book on the cheap, in an ill-advised attempt to finish my Medium Wilderness Tasks. Had protection from all but Armadyl.... those spiritual rangers and mages HURT. Not going to attempt that again until I can afford some Arma protections

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Post by Nergal on Mar 6, 2018 15:39:50 GMT -7

Killed the Chaos Fnatic for the first time today
Decided to gear up for a double kill trip, welfare gear just hoping for a good drop.

First kill was fine, easy to learn mechanics.
2nd kill was easy enough too.

On what would have been my third kill (and I have the boss under half health already), two PKers show up, I say "sup?" they run up to me and one says:
"I hope you have ray potions"
To which I respond:
"I hope you like wasting your time"

Again, I'm in welfare gear, I've got a green d'hide body, black d'hide legs, black d'hide vambraces, snakeskin boots and hat, GodBook as a shield (worthless to a PKer, free to reclaim), a glory to let me Tele out at 30 (although this is uparound 42), an explorers ring (again, free reclaim), Ava's Device (1k and 50 steel arrows to reclaim i think), a Rune Crossbow, and I brought 200 Broad bolts as ammo.
In the future I will bring less Broad bolts, think I use around 50 per kill.

I realize that this is a single combat area, and the boss is already tagged as my kill so I do, the scummiest thing.
I drop an empty jug and unequipped my crossbow, I start kicking the boss (doing much less damage, I'm in ranged gear and the wines I've consumed lowered my attack stat). I'm hysterical at this point because even if they manage to skull-trick me I'm risking under 30k. I spend like 5 minutes boxing the Chaos Fanatic and dancing around the area attacks (which are hitting the Pkers for between 10s and 20s) but, eventually, when I had to dodge one of the boss attacks one of the PKers managed to draw the boss's aggro. I re-equip my crossbow, and I start to run turning to shoot the guy when he entangles me.
I try to figure out what else I can do to piss these guys off, so I keep drinking my wines, realizing that the prayer potions are the most valuable consumable I have (and that I'm not going to get away) I quickly chug the prayer potions between wines.
I go down. Respawn and quickly check what the damage is, that's when I realize that the total 200 broad bolts I had were only worth around 9k, and I had used a bunch of them, a bit over a quarter on the boss and my attacks not sure the exact number, but 150 broad bolts are worth under 7k.
I teleport back up a few minutes later to see if they left behind any loot from my corpse.

Everything was there, except for the Broad Bolts. These idiots spent between 5 and 15 minutes trying to kill me, and they only got 7k off of me.
I wonder what their net was after the food I forced them to eat, and the multiple entangle runes plus the damage spells they cast. I'd wager about 3 or 4k profit for 10 minutes of work?

Now, I am in the Wild, and to be fair, they don't know how much I'm risking or not. If the script was flipped I'd probably do the same BUT I'd at least steal all the person's gear that I could. The black vambraces, Green body and snakeskin hat and boots are 7k on their own and they left them on the ground.
Do PKers just like losing money?

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Post by Nergal on Mar 6, 2018 15:50:07 GMT -7

Again, I'd probably try to kill the person doing the boss too.
But, if they have the courtesy to tell you that it's a waste of your time, and then I spend at least 10 minutes trying to kill them and 16k in loot drops to the grounds..... what must my malfunction be if I only take the stack of bolts? They left the 2k in coins I had behind too!

I spend 10 minutes to get a 7k drop, which after the cost of supplies used is only 3 to 4k? How about I spend 10 minutes killing green dragons and make 50k with minimal supply costs?
I seriously don't understand.
But I will absolutely continue making myself more annoying to kill than I'm worth.

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Post by Lanbo on Mar 7, 2018 1:05:48 GMT -7

Lmfao that's great. I'm so glad you messed with them. No one PKs (in RS3) anymore because it's just not the same. I know it's OS but I don't get what these guys were doing leaving your stuff on the ground... What's the point of PKing at that point???
Nonetheless, I love the spite. That's awesome :D :D
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Post by Nergal on Mar 7, 2018 11:34:51 GMT -7

So I got 9 Kills on the Chaos Fanatic under my belt.

I was killed 3 (2?) times now while trying to do this, the first was as I described a few posts ago; and since have been PK'd another 2 times.
I went to refill prayer at the chaos altar just west of the Fanatic when a PKer logged in to try to rush me. Again, I don't have much on me in the first place but time to skol those prayer potions fast as I can because I'm going to lose them anyway and why should I encourage a dirty-dirty rusher to continue his no honor PKing? 
Learning from the last time I got PKed I only brought 100 Broad Bolts for this trip, worth only 6k if I still had them all, again used some on the boss as well as in retaliation.
This guy had a Serp helm, toxic blowpipe, toxic staff of the dead, and a G-Maul; he was either Ice Blitzing or Barraging me.

The staff is charged for a little over 2m and provides around 16 hours of combat (from what I could research), it gives a 12.5% chance to save runes of spell cast.
Assuming it is 16 hours of combat, the cost to operate the staff is 125k per hour; ~2,083gp per minute.
The effective cost of Ice Blitz with that staff given the cost of runes reduced by the chance to save them is 834gp; if he was barraging it was costing him 1262gp per cast.
I counted 4 spells cast on me, before he failed to g-maul spec me out, I ran and got hit by another 2 spells before he managed to melee me to death.
Assuming he was smart enough to use blitz rather than barrage, and he only spent 30 seconds casting spells on me, killing me cost him 6046gp =((834*6)+1042); if he was barraging for the extra damage it cost him 8614gp.

I decide to tp up to retrieve my stuff, I'm looting my own corpse and I realize that.... nothing is missing.
Not even the bolts this time.
I am about to finish picking everything up when the guy logs back in to rush me again.
Casts another 3 spells, this time I didn't react fast enough to protect melee the g-maul spec. (He spent another 2,400gp minimum (just the spell casts) to kill me again.)
I TP back one last time to collect the last of my remains and still, nothing is missing.

What is the point of killing me if you weren't trying to steal bank from me?
Why are you risking these expensive gear setups in the wild? Like sure, I cannot fight back while I'm in this welfare gear, but I'm not really trying to fight back; what are these guys going to do if someone else in a setup like theirs logs in that ACTUALLY knows how to rush? Like I can understand wanting to practice on live targets BUT you don't need full gear to practice on the "people" (bots) telegrabbing wines or the people running a welfare setup to kill the fanatic, why are you risking bank loot over this? Do these guys literally have money to burn?

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Post by Nergal on Mar 8, 2018 18:22:09 GMT -7

My Spring Break starts when I finish my last midterm tomorrow night. Unfortunately, a few of my professors think it's okay to give us homework to do during our breaks despite having just finished their midterms with no lectures since.
Whatever, I was planning on getting some programming done anyway.

Anyway my first full day of "break" starts 3/10, and I don't have a class again until the morning of 3/20.
Runescape related objectives for those 10 days include:
-Stop slacking, get 99 Dungeoneering
-Save up 15m for a bond.
(I owe a friend. I have more than enough for it right now, but I want to pay for it with new money rather than lessen the hoard.)

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Post by Nergal on Mar 14, 2018 9:07:46 GMT -7

So I've accumulated over $4,014,000 forum cash in, what will tomorrow be, two years. Got a pretty snazzy shirt out of the deal too.
It's so weird to think that just 2 years ago the only skills I had at 99 were Strength Constitution Attack and Defence; I mean magic and Range were 97 and 96 I believe but still, it's been quite the journey.

I had some Spring Break goals; I made the 15m that I should need for the bond(s) I owe my buddy, now I'm just working on the conversion to tradeables.
Also wanted 99 dungeoneering which I should be able to get easily within the next 72 hours.

As for maxing by the end of the year the goal for this Monday the 12th was to be 42million xp from 99 and I'm only 36.034m xp away right now so 6 weeks ahead of schedule, keeping that up I could be maxed by Thanksgiving.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 16, 2018 9:38:12 GMT -7

Possibly the dumbest way I've made bank recently.
Saw an "Ahrim's Book of Magic" on the ground in Prif GE, pick it up "used" because it was dropped fully charged.
Go to house to repair it, repair cost 500gp.
Price checks:

Sold for 604k.

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