Age of Mythology!

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Post by Apocalyssa on Sept 16, 2017 11:19:33 GMT -7

I know that it's not AoE but it's from the same developers! The game was so fun I could play for hours. It made my childhood awesome. I love the Greek, Egyptian and the Scandinavian mythology, it's so rich in story, there's so many creatures and each of the civilizations were completely different. The Greek would chop wood and put it into shacks. The Norse would mine gold and put it on ox carts!

There were godly abilities such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, tornadoes and my favourite: meteorites! The game was released in 2002 and was given a score of 9/10. You can still play the game today on Steam with a enhanced version! Just search up Age of Mythology. There's a working multiplayer and the campaign is really worth a shot. You have 3 campaigns into one, it comes with the DLC The Titans. It had a new civilization: the Atlantean with all of the Titans instead of gods.

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Post by DanthEx on Sept 16, 2017 16:07:44 GMT -7

I remember this game, I'm pretty sure I've owned every Age of Empires + Mythology. I don't remember it's gameplay that well as I know I was still spending more time on Age of Empires 2, and then 3 but not as much. I also played around a little with Age of Empires Online.

Since it's been so long, I decided to look up a game-play trailer for this, and this is what I found:

These older strategy games hardly ever get stale, they're very competitive and with a great social community.
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Post by empire on Sept 17, 2017 10:16:46 GMT -7

It is made from the same team and I looked into it when I heard about the game :) I like some options but I rather like AOE better, in away. I heard there as some bad errors or something from users but then they might just wanted to put an bad review on the game.
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