Which console is the best?

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Post by fantanoice on Jun 19, 2018 5:26:21 GMT -7

At this point I find myself not wanting to play anything but Switch. I'm not home enough to start a game on PS4 / XB1 and continue playing it. By the time I get to play again I've forgotten everything I did.

But Switch. I can take it with me AND play it when I'm at home. It's exactly the console for my lifestyle. I'm finding now if I hear of a game I want announced PS4 / XB1, I'll wait a year to find out if it gets ported to Switch. And it's pretty often that they are.
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Post by antonline on Jul 25, 2018 11:39:23 GMT -7

I have both Xbox and PlayStation consoles but out of the two, I play PlayStation the most. I was playing PS3 in the height of my gaming years and when the original Black Ops came out I was all over it. I've had most of my gaming fun done on PS3 but I use a PS4 today.
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