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P2P - Daily Shop Runs

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Post by Nergal on Aug 18, 2017 10:06:22 GMT -7

*There are more things and more stores you can goto, these are just the stores I find convenient to hit daily.

>Lodestone to Port Sarim

>>Fishing shop is directly north of you.

>>>Buy all 1000 Feathers and the fishing bait.

>>>Sometimes nets and/or fishing rods will be worth your time to buy.

>>Continue North to the Magic Shop in the northwest part of the town. Watch out for the mugger if you're a low level.

>>>Buy out all of the runes that you can profit off of.

>>>This usually means Fire, Air, and Body runes; sometimes water and earth, usually not mind. Check the margins for yourself, prices do vary.

>Walk back to the docks of Port Sarim, find the Void Knight Squire, travel with him to the Void Knight Outpost.

>>Get the runes at the rune shop

>*If you have 66+ Magic, Lodestone to Yanille

>>Enter magic Guild go up one the stairs and buy the runes.

>Lodestone to AlKaharid

>>Head South, buy feathers from Shanty in Shanty Pass

>>*There's also a rune shop in A.K. but it requires a post-quest mini-quest.

>Lodestone to Draynor

>>Head north, enter manor, go west (candle lever) trade with Ava

>>>Buy Feathers, might Require a quest.

>Lodestone to Lumbridge

>>Fishing shop is on the southwest edge of the combat academy, east of the crater.

>>>Again, buy Feathers and Fishing Bait.

>Lodestone to Burthorpe

>>Magic shop is in the North East part of town

>>>Buy the profitable runes.

>>Go to the herblore shop

>>>Buy Vial_of_Water_PACKS & White_Berries & Limpwurt_Roots

>Lodestone to Taverly

>>Go to the Slayer Masters and buy their supply of Broad_Arrowheads (just those)

>Goto ANY other slayer master and buy the same (most slayer masters share a stock of these EXCEPT the Taverly ones)

>Lodestone to Edgeville

*You will be in the wilderness for the next 2 shops feel free to bank before in Edgeville.

>>Go north from edgeville bank, Jump the Wildernesswall

>>If you have completed the Abyss MiniQuest but the Zamorak Mage's Rune stock (the ones you've been getting, you know the ones)

*>Bank again if you want, then head north into the deep wilderness, you are going to Mage Arena.

>>>Buy the Mage arena Runes and TP out

*If you have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest

>Lodestone to Lunar Isle

>>Enter Baba Yaga's house, buy her runes.

*Fremennik Trials may or may not be required to trade with the Fish Monger

>Lodestone to Rellekka

>>Visit the fish monger's stall and buy his feathers.

>>*Yak Hide on Jatizo (quest requiremnts plus a Tax)

>Lodestone to Varrock

>>Magic shop is in the East part of town, south of east bank. Watch out for the mugger if low combat level.

>>>Buy the profitable runes.

>>There is a staff shop on way to GE, usually the regular staves (cost 10 gp) are worth grabbing. Additionally Tinderboxes and other tools that can be used for invention can be sold to the GE for marginal profit.

Additionally the general store in OO'glog has a stock of 1000 feathers, I only visit here when mining crystal sandstone, but worth mentioning. 

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