Kerbal Space Program

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Post by sugarsnappys on Oct 7, 2016 1:12:18 GMT -7

This a game you build spaceship that can go to the moon and back, shuttles that can crash and burn. Orbital station to have your kerbal live in kerbin orbit. Building a base on another planet so you can die far away from home :P. Goofing aside, it's a fun game where you basically become a rocket engineer, because your building rockets. You can send rovers too distant planets and do valuable science and unlock parts too build better rockets. There are 3 mode you can play
Career: rely on funds and science 
Science: parts are free but must be unlocked with science
Sandbox: all parts unlocked and free

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Post by keranov on Apr 20, 2018 10:41:11 GMT -7

I have watched about 10 videos about Kerbal Space Program.

It is definitely a good video game if you love Space. But I do not think that there is a lot to do in it.

My personal opinion is that you will get bored of this game soon after you started it.
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Post by shanghide on Apr 24, 2018 3:53:53 GMT -7

This game is amazing, but the learning curve is quite steep. This does give the player a sense of accomplishment through out the game. The first time you get into orbit alone, your first Mun (Kerbal Moon) landing, first time landing on the Mun and actually getting back off of it! definitely worth checking out and supporting the Indy Devs.
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Post by sugarsnappys on Feb 28, 2019 22:06:51 GMT -7

YES it is a steep learning curve. and you can install mods that makes the game alot more fun to play. this game has a massive modding community so finding mods isnt very hard.