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Stronghold Posted Oct 6, 2016 22:15:53 GMT -7

Post by sugarsnappys on Oct 6, 2016 22:15:53 GMT -7

I used to play a games called stronghold, it has similar game play has age of empire but much harder, you need to make your keep survive and you have a limited population with reputation point. If your reputation get too low people will start leaving your keep and cripple your civilization. it was fun too play do. 
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Stronghold Posted Feb 16, 2018 15:40:50 GMT -7

Post by GamingLyfe on Feb 16, 2018 15:40:50 GMT -7

This does very much feel like Age of Empires. Does anyone know if they're still working on new editions? I love AOE, so I'd be willing to give this a shot if it still has a fair fan base with active multiplayer servers. 
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