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Farming Training Wiki
So I'm done with this guide right? haha nah
(reply below if I missed something noteworthy, will edit as needed)


Farming takes lots of irl time however it requires minimal focus in game. Once you have the levels for trees you can pay for your tree to be protected and do anything else in game or just go do things irl, those protected patches are garunteed to grow successfully, it'll cost a lot but it is fast.
1 to 99 honestly should take under 20 hours if just doing tree runs, however it's going to take months to actually spend that much time doing it.
"Herb Runs" are a popular method of training farming as it can make a significant amount of money over time, though it is more work than leaving trees to grow.
It isn't fast like this, but it won't cost you anything after you start.

Rake a patch, compost, seed, water (for allotments and flower patches), wait (plant cure when needed), harvest, repeat

It is possible for your plants to become diseased, if you notice this get a plant cure from one of the farm shops.

Every farming patch in the game

Here's how growth mechanics work in the game since time isn't concrete: Growth Cycles

EDIT: Divine Locations, the best Divine Herb Patch you can make/harvest from is moderately fast guaranteed xp AND herbs, however you can only make 1 divine location per day.

Usefull Things:

Tip.it's Farming Timers 

Scroll of Life - 10% chance of seeds back from non-tree patches, 5% from tree patches

25 Farming and Dungeoneering Required

Dungeoneering 10,000 tokens

Farmer's Outfit up to a 6% xp bonus when wearing whole set

Treasure Hunter Exclusive at time of posting

Magic Watering Can - never runes out of water(Obtained from Fairy Tale 3)

Falador Shield 2- weilding the Falador Shield 2 (or better) from the achievment diaries gives a small xp bonus to farming at the patches South of Falador.

Rapid Growth Spell - Skips a growth stage on a farming patch, once per day per patch. 88 Magic Light Within Quest Required

Farming xp can be earned rather quickly from wilderness warbands, however because of the risks involved.


There are currently 16 Quests that provide Farming Experience as a Reward (I will only list the farming levels required for each of these, you can follow the links for other prerequisites):

With no Farming Requirement there is

1000xp Recipe for Disaster: Goblins 

4000xp Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav

3500xp Fairy Tale part 1

However it is worth noting that Fairy Tale 1 becomes easier the higher your farming level is, your max hit against Tanglefoot, the boss, is modified by your farming level, higher the level the more damage you can do.

At level 10 you can complete Perils of Ice Mountain awarding 500xp

At level 14 you can complete Bringing Home the Bacon awarding 350xp

At level 17 you can complete Forgettable Tale of a Drunken_Dwarf awarding 5000xp

At level 25 you can complete Garden of Tranquility awarding 5000xp

At level 26 you can complete Spirit of Summer awarding 2000xp

At level 29 you can complete My Arm's Big Adventure awarding 5000xp

At level 30 you can complete Enlightened Journey awarding 3000xp

At level 40 you can complete Rum Deal awarding 7000xp

At level 45 you can complete Grim Tales awarding 4000xp

At level 50 you can complete Spirit of Summer awarding 15000xp (Part of the post Quest)

At level 53 you can complete Back to my Roots awarding 24000xp

At level 54 you can complete Fairy Tale 3 awarding 11000xp

At level 63 you can complete Branches of Darkmeyer awarding 20000xp

A total of 110,350xp in quest rewards as of October 1st 2016


It is worth noting that Livid Farm also provides some farming xp but has high requirements.

Earning all the spells from Livid Farm is among the tasks for the Comp Cape, so if you are planning on going for that then you SHOULD do some livid farm. At max efficiency gives around 33000 xp per hour, and can be done while your patches are growing.

Vinesweeper points can be spent on Farming xp or seeds

Sorceress Garden can be used to gain farming xp or thieving

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza renown can be exchanged for bonus XP in farming

The Giant Oyster (Monthly D&D)


From Level 1: There's a patch of potatos between Taverly and Burthorpe Lodestones that CAN NEVER DIE, not sure which town it's technically considered to be part of.

Raking weeds (and picking Flax in RS3 also) making compost, and appling compost to patches before planting all provide a small amount of farming xp.

If you want supercompost there is a list of supercompostable materials on the  Supercompost wiki but the short is fruit and herbsmake supercompost.

Allotment patches farmed for xp, flower patches grown to protect the allotments from disease Flowers, what they are used for.

Slow+Profitable: Herb runs (level 9 needed for Guam)

Prices not always up to date Herb/Seed Prices

Fast+Expensive: Do your tree runs (level 15 needed for Oak). MAKE SURE TO PAY THE NEARBY FARMER

Tree Seed Prices

Fastest, theoretical: Do Tree runs and herb runs while doing livid farm, focus all your prismatic lamps and stars into farming, good luck

If you can get into Prif, farming patches in the clan areas yield 20% bonus xp during their respective active voice of seren hours.

Video References:

If you prefer a video format, they all say about the same thing :/

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