Paper Mario Glitch Math

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Post by fantanoice on Jun 19, 2018 4:51:24 GMT -7

I love Stryder7x's videos. They're creative and funny. I appreciate them both as a programmer and a Paper Mario fan. He's got another one similar to this about baking a cake that's also pretty funny.

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This is why Beta Testers are a good idea! :P Interesting video, I'd like to see more on bug finds in different games.
It might come as a surprise but it can be quite difficult to test a game for 416 years. :P  I wouldn't exactly call it a 'bug' either (it is but also isn't?) - it's just how numbers work in computer systems. They keep going up until they hit a max number then circle back around to the lowest number. And given it takes 416 years to trigger it in standard gameplay I imagine it wasn't that high of a priority for them to fix even if they did uncover it.
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