Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Post by Nergal on Jun 5, 2016 21:31:20 GMT -7

(and the original)
So many maps to choose from, Galactic conquest, space battles, the ability to play as Jawas/Tuskan Raiders, Ewoks, and even Wampas.
I cannot tell you how many countless hours my friends and I played these games back in middleschool. They were so good.

It's just a shame the new installment was such a terrible cash-grab using the franchise name. Terrible because it was limited horribly for a full priced game, and the map pack DLC costs almost as much as another game.

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Post by Nergal on Jun 5, 2016 22:20:21 GMT -7

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The whole reason I got a Playstation four was for that. Then I got bummed. You had to buy more and more, and there is no story line? I think the new game is just missing a lot.
PS4 is still a great console with plenty of good games available, but yea I'd imagine that's awful getting a new platform for a sole purpose and finding out it was all hype

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Post by empire on Sept 12, 2017 9:49:04 GMT -7

It'd be nice for them to make a full game this time around with a sp campaign and having it include the prequel trilogy, original trilogy and the new trilogy, but who am I kidding we won't get all of that until battlefront 4 at the very earliest.

1. Campaign (check)
2. More online maps
3. More hero/villain characters from the orignall trilogy and the newer one (epsiodes 1-3)
4. More character design options/outfits
5. Galactic conquest
6. Larger alien life forms(giant creature easter eggs or bosses)
7. Instant action
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Post by megannatasha on Nov 13, 2017 0:04:37 GMT -7

I've played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in the past, the first Battlefront for the Xbox-One and Jedi Academy on PC. It's a game we all expect high standards from and sometimes it's not what we've hyped it up to be, however there were many good Star Wars games and I'm sure plenty more to come! It's always nice to see oldschool games survive in this chaotic modern gaming world.