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Post by Grand A on Sept 27, 2016 13:15:33 GMT -7

I've been PT once, it went perfectly, so I'd like doing that again. I'd also like to learn to Bub, and eventually Bt.
Mage 99, Def 99, Herb 99, Summ 99, hp 99, pray 95 (look at signature).
Cb lvl 137.
Got seasinger armour, saving up for T90 atm. Ring of death, ammy of souls.
Nox staff (borrowing).
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Post by hellgracio on Sept 30, 2016 10:17:40 GMT -7

Hey Coach, It Helllgracio
-Melee- T90 full Malevolent w/ Sheild. Double Drygore Maces. Ring of vigour. Razorback Gaunlets. Kiln Cape, Scrimshaws,AoS, the Whole 9 yards.

-Range- T90 Full Sirentic, Noxious Bow, Ascension Grips, Glaven boots, and all the same Jewelry. Solid Set

-Mage- I highly Slack on and only got like full Subjection. Have the gold for the full T90 setup but not worth me buying unless i Make the group.

-Boss List-
*6 Araxii
*459 Dag Kings
*2 Kalphite King
*3 Nex
*11 QBD
*0 Telos
*0 BM
*0 Yaka
- not alot of kills on my part but enough to know i can Follow Directions enough to get the kills lol.
- Avalible mainly in the Morning time Cuz i work Afternoons so best times for me would be 14:00-18:00 Gametime.
- Always have Our Teamspeak Ready to go For better Instruction and teamwork.
- Also Things i have that might help. Supreme Overloads and Super Prayer Renewals. Will Farm Nips when Needed. i do have Curses. Access to prif ( dont think that will help in any way lol). all combat auras... yada yada yada..