NGC -Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

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Post by Nergal on May 5, 2016 21:02:40 GMT -7

The only game of it's name, a pity since it would actually probably do well on the Wii or WiiU.
If you recognize the music, random streams and youtubers use parts of the soundtrack.

It's a SEGA game so the absolute weirdness of this game should come as no surprise.
Here's the plot of the intro cut-scene and level 1 because I don't want to spoil too much IF you ever decide to play this, for some reason.
You, Billy, are a classic blonde, mute protagonist, child . You wake up late, (wow sounds more like a Zelda game with every phrase, now that I think about it) and rush off to meet with 3 of your friends in the woods. They're upset you were late, a baby chicken appears and is being attacked by a crow, your character picks up a stick to bat the crow away, upon saving the chick, magic stuff starts to happen. 
Suddenly you're hearing the voice of god telling you you're the only one that can save Morning Land from Dark Raven, An evil being that is banished for 1000 years at a time. Raven imprisoned the chicken elders in golden eggs in order to plunge the world into eternal night. You must travel the lands and free them so they can restore daytime, Rooster call at the crack of dawn is the premise of that. Oh and by the way, you have to do all of this while wearing a Legendary Chicken Suit.

So there are only a few generic Maps (forest, island, volcano, icy, pyramid, etc) in the game but they have multiple missions. These worlds follow the same general format.
Mission 1: Free the Elder
Mission 2: Kill a Boss (unlock next world)
Missions 3-5: other (rescue friend/play as friend (now also in a chicken suit)/find the things/speedy-speedy)
Technically you only need to beat like 40% of the Missions to finish the game.

The game also has an up to 4-person multiplayer (deathmatch) mode.... for some reason. More stages unlock as you progress in the story.

It's a rated E game; so family-friendly, animated, super bright most of the time; the controls are clunky, the story is ridiculous and the music is annoyingly cheerful. I only ever get people to play this game if they played it when they were younger OR if they aren't sober. It's not an amazing game but it's weird as hell and it holds a nostalgic place in my mind.

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Post by princesszelda on Mar 30, 2019 11:11:38 GMT -7

I absolutely loved this game while growing up!!! The music is such a recognizable tune and me and my friends would get so competitive while playing the local co-op 4 player maps. Every year the D.C. metropolitan area has a gaming convention called MAGfest with 3 entire ballrooms dedicated to console gaming, arcade gaming, and indie upcoming titles and Billy Hatcher has always been in my top 5 go to games to play every year despite owning the game myself. It is a Sega title so there's nothing like hatching Sonic out of an egg and continuing your adventures as Billy with Sonic by your side. There was always this one level growing up that I was unable to get past however, but i'm determined to actually beat this silly yet fun game in my lifetime.
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Post by ravenfreak on May 4, 2019 20:10:52 GMT -7

I really need to give this game a try. Many Sonic fans have recommended it, and ever since it first came out I've been meaning to get a copy. Too bad there was never a sequel made for the game, it looks like it's tons of fun and probably deserves one. :\