Territory War

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Post by xxinfectedxx on Dec 20, 2017 4:19:09 GMT -7

I'll check Territory War out, sounds to me like it is a awesome classic game. I have play defense games before and one of my favorites which I still enjoy to this day is Canon Defense. Good game, with a good defense strategies.
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Post by megannatasha on Dec 26, 2017 15:32:44 GMT -7

I've never seen this thread before, the website reminds me of NewGrounds in a way. Thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for a good website to kill boredom. :) This game reminds me of a turn-for-turn version of Smash Bro's. I can see how it could get addicting, it's strategic, yet simple and fun. 
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Post by GamingLyfe on Feb 12, 2018 13:50:30 GMT -7

I'm always up for trying a new addicting game to kill the time during lunch breaks at work, or while dragging my feet around the house. Is there anything else you can tell us about this ? I can of course look into it, however I'm interested in hearing it from someone with prior experience. I'm a sucker for only playing the latest version of a game series, and I know that's not a good behavior to have, as many people claim some of the best releases are the older ones.
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