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Cheap Level 70 Weapons (Moderately High Skill Requirements)

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Post by Nergal on Mar 18, 2016 14:49:22 GMT -7

Before I waste too much of your time: Blisterwood Weapons from The Branches of Darkmeyer quest.

The weapons are slightly weaker than, but still comparable to, Barrows and God Weapons. If you don't own a tier 70+ weapon for any combat style yet, or simply want to risk fewer items while bossing/Pking, these weapons will serve you well.

After finishing the quest your Drakan's Medallion can teleport you directly to the blisterwood tree. The tree is annoying to cut for steaks but it's still free dual-ranged weapons. EDIT: Ava's Attractor does retrieve them.
Not much to say about the staff, polypore is better but blister doesn't degrade and, again, is free tier 70.
The polearm is the interesting weapon, it requires an item other than blisterwood which is 2 silver sickles, easily smithed from silver or purchased on ge. The polearm is a 2handed melee weapon which, according to wiki, is considered a spear by the code and thus receives no damage reduction while fighting Corporeal Beast. It is slightly worse than a Zamorakian Spear stat wise HOWEVER it takes you 3mins to grab 2 silver sickles, tele to Darkmeyer and make a polearm to go fight Corp, if you have a group (which you should if you're Corping with this) the beast should be no problem for you and you saved nearly a million gp buy not needing a zammy spear.

Regardless of how you use this information, SHOW THEM NO MERCY!
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Post by Nergal on Apr 18, 2018 15:06:24 GMT -7

Been a hot minute since I've bothered with this quest line.

The Lord of Vampyrium quest unlocks a set of T70 Hybrid armor that can be replaced for as little as 100k; it isn't great but it's cheap gear that you can use as a stepping stone if you ever lose your bank.

The River of Blood unlocks the Sunspear which can be swapped to ANY of the combat sttyles and is a T78 weapon which can be replaced for 600k. This is degradable but if it ever is depleted of charge can be repaired on an armor stand for less than the full 600k. It's also augmentable and is a source of Undead Components.

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