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01/25/16 - Age of Empires, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Nintendo Network, iOS and Android --- All added Categories
01/27/16 - is now the main domain
01/28/16 - The RuneScape and MuOnline markets have been open to guests (Creating threads, not replying)
01/30/16 - Steam section added
02/07/16 - Collapsible Categories option now available to all members. (Just click the cat on the homepage)
02/11/16 - Introduce a game board created
02/23/16 - New TeamSpeak Server
03/09/16 - and join the pool with (Don't use
03/10/16 - League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim categories added. MuOnline and Age of Empires moved to Old School
03/13/16 - New Forum Banner - Special Thanks to Izanigi from the ProBoards Support community!
03/31/16 - New Category: PC Gaming
04/16/16 - New Forum Moderator Nergal    -   New RuneScape items added to the Item Shop
04/17/16 - Members may now buy a custom text color and posting-background image. Item Shop>Misc
04/23/16 - Staff now have highlighted posts for recognition. Custom group graphics added. Member Gallery added. Read receipts added to PM's
05/04/16 - Trophies Added (Achievements) - See your Profile > Trophies for more info
05/05/16 - Poker has been added to our Casino(Blackjack, Slots, Daily spin) - All located within your profile
05/07/16 - NFL and NHL team logos added to the Item Shop - More sports to come - Megaman, Mario, Link, and more also added
06/05/16 - Forum Games added. More Forum Avatars added to the collection to choose from
06/08/16 - Custom Profile Fields added: System(s), Game(s), Gamer Tag(s). <-- PSN, XBL, Nintendo Network, etc.
06/10/16 - 40 Threads now shown per-page. 15 Posts now shown per-page. (Prior 25-10)
06/24/16 - New banner thanks to Dragneel! -- WoW, LoL, Skyrim and Steam boards all merged into PC Gaming
06/25/16 - New Theme!
07/01/16 - Members can now choose their own theme! Profile>Edit Profile>Settings>Theme
09/17/16 - Members now have the ability to comment on posts
09/18/16 - Save your own smileys! Profile>Edit Profile>Settings>Your Personal Smilies>Add image URL>SET CHANGES>Save Acc. Settings
02/15/17 - New Theme!(Undercover) Prefer one of our older ones? See Profile>Edit Profile>Settings>Change Theme>Save Changes
03/11/17 - We now offer a Discord server (For voice communication)
07/12/17 - Removed RuneScape and Coffee Time SubBoards - so first click into the category brings you into the main board(s).
07/17/17 - Started a FaceBook page @
07/28/17 - Added a divider between the Announcements, Stickies, and Threads.
08/20/17 - Removed inactive subboards around the entire forum to allow less clicking to reach certain destinations.
08/26/17 - Changed the 'GamingBoards 2016' theme -- See previews of themes available here. - After registration page set to FAQ
08/27/17 - Members may now set their own mini-profile background image. Profile>Edit Profile>Personal
08/28/17 - Added a sidebar to the home-page, Discord-mini and Recent Threads added to cells
09/02/17 - The forum will now detect a resolution below 1400 and remove the righthand sidebar from the homepage so there is no overlap
09/03/17 - Added spoiler tags - Use this icon to the far right while making your full-post
11/18/17 - URL's to images will now be automatically converted into images within posts
12/02/17 - 'Interests' notification center added to the main toolbar(removed until further notice) - Google Translate added to the forum
12/06/17 - 'HIDE SHOUTBOX' option now available
12/07/17 - 'Shy Guy' added to the Item Shop under Misc.
12/27/17 - Added 'Hide/Show Shoutbox' button to the Menu bar
12/29/17 - Amazing new 'GB' logos, 100% credit and thanks to elli! - FAQ updated
12/30/17 - New MuOnline Board Moderator xanithe - Board images shrunk
12/31/17 - Shoutbox removed. 'Reposition Forum' button added to the Menu bar. Calendar and Bookmarks disabled(removed from Menu)
01/01/18 - Age of Empires, GunzOnline, Medal of Honor, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Steam sub-boards deleted from 'PC Gaming'
01/01/18 - Facebook button added to the bottom of page, redirects to the GB Facebook page
01/03/18 - Removed Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, Boom Beach from Mobile Gaming 
01/08/18 - Forum Tour added to the FAQ
02/11/18 - New Theme - Welcome to GamingBoards 2018! Special thanks to Elli !
02/16/18 - MuOnline and League of Legends sub-boards removed from PC Gaming
03/02/18 - RuneScape Help sub-board removed - RuneScape Bossing added to RuneScape Guides as a sub-board
03/05/18 - RuneScape M3rciless clan groups removed - Forum Games! board removed - Posting ranks updated
05/04/18 - Avatars updated - Default GB Avatar set
05/20/18 - Mobile navigation bar updated to include boards
05/23/18 - Discord icon added to the homepage beside the Facebook icon
05/27/18 - PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo sub-boards merged into Console Gaming
06/10/18 - RuneScape Bossing sub-boards merged
06/12/18 - Alternative themes removed
06/13/18 - Thread labels added to boards(ANNOUNCEMENT, PINNED, Review, Discussion, News, Guide, Event, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, - and more)
06/13/18 - M3RCILESS RuneScape clan sub-boards merged, thread labels used to divide threads. You may use multiple labels per thread if required
06/29/18 - GamingBoards BOT for Staff use added for official and verified content 
09/24/18 - Force-Desktop enabled for mobile viewers
02/10/19 - GBv2 theme released! All thanks to



PB v6 and GB v2 are currently in the works, we don't have an exact date of release, however, we're thinking by the end of 2018.

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