[Super] Zelda: A link to the past

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Post by DanthEx on Jan 25, 2016 23:40:49 GMT -7

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Zelda: A link to the past

This game was definitely a childhood favorite and I doubt I'll ever forget about it. I spent countless hours while in my youth playing this game, over and over again. There was no better feeling than obtaining the master sword, and, finally beating that damn worm boss:

That boss could be cause some serious frustration, bumping you off the side and having you restart the attack every 2 minutes, and from the beginning. So it was definitely nice to finally watch him explode while you take the victory. However, when it comes to this game, there are too many great memories to name. It was one of my first favorite video games of all time, and in some ways, still is today.

If it wasn't for my save data on my Wii U going corrupt or missing I'd still be playing this game on the Wii U tablet in bed while being lazy or relaxing. However, I still do play from time to time, just not as often.

Does this game bring anyone else on a trip down memory lane?


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I'll never forget the feeling of pulling the master sword from the rock in the forest after defeating all of the bosses, that weapon was badass, and when fully charged you could spin those electric looking rings from your sword as an alternative to hand-to-hand combat. Then there's those chickens.. we all know about those swarms of chickens that attempt to peck you to death for bullying one of their buddies. ^^ Great game!!
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I didn't know that you could play this on the Wii U. That is enough to make me want to go buy one asap. This game brings back so many memories. I had almost forgotten how awful Moldorm was. He was easily one of the most frustrating bosses. I remember hating Trinexx with a passion as well. Getting the Master Sword was always exciting, but I think I actually got the most excited whenever I acquired the Hookshot. I don't really know why.