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Ever wondered how The Saints get members so fast and expand so rapidly? Well in this guide we'll go over the Do's and Don'ts of Recruiting. Welcome my Fellow Saints to the new Recruitment Guide. :), well those of you who are privileged enough to see it anyway :)

The first step to any recruiting is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, Going into recruiting with the mentality that you are going to do your best and get recruits is the type of mentality you want, not for example "omg I hate recruiting I don't wanna do that, etc" this shows not only in the way you talk to potential recruits but to other members in the clan chat and recruiting with you.

Step 2: Knowing your audience: A very important but sometimes overlooked criteria in recruitment is knowing your audience that is targetted for recruitment. For example, The Saints as of now are looking at the 120+ combat level players therefore it seems like a good idea when recruiting them to catch their interest with high level "eye candy" (ex of high level "eye candy", God Wars, mention it and lure them with it. ) One must not just use one form of "eye candy" for all players because there is a population of 120+ that do not infact like that sort of stuff, they like to skill and don't like dungeons, so as well as God Wars mention Skilling competitions, etc to get that group's attention.

Step 3: The Hunt: Now that you know the attitude and the audience, it's now time to find a "hunting ground" for potential members. Most commonly recruiters tend to target areas with a high traffic rate of players that are actively moving to and from, and with any hope not afking xD. Good areas that the veteran Recruiters use is the areas around Cammy Teleport spot. This doesn't seem like an obvious spot but in fact there is a high traffic of 120+ players that tele to Cammy, so just sit back relax at Cammy spot, pull out your tent, and camp to recruit those 120's! :)

Step 4: The Approach: So you've found a potential member for The Saints have you? Congratulations, if you have made it this far you're doing well :). Now one of the more difficult aspects of recruiting. The approach like many other varying approaches depends on what you feel you believe the "target" is like. A good general thing to do is follow them to get their attention, say their username/ part of it, than pop the question about if they are interested. A good general question is " Are you interested in a 120+ cb clan? The Saints, Founded in 2005". Not only does this question ask them if they are willing to join, it also gets their attention and makes them ponder "hmm I wonder how good they are for being around that long." Once this thought happens, Congratulations to you Dead Eye, you have them locked on now all you need to do is seal their fate of becoming a Recruit. :) It is easy to gauge if they will become a recruit if they answer with a question about what we infact do as a clan. This means they are willing to go out on a limb and learn what we are about, and once they learn about us it's hard to forget :). So up to now Mission accomplish Soldier A job well done

Now Get out there and get more recruits flowing in! 8-)
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